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Every week we organise several great events, from delightful coffee mornings to guided museum visits, and from lectures to full day and weekend trips. Feel free to join us. Membership is not required for most events.

ING Expat Fair

Wed 26 Sep | 12:00 - 20:00
1 RSVPs 0 left

Kraków & Auschwitz

Fri 19 Oct - Sun 21 Oct
23 RSVPs 4 left 649,00 619,00

Iceland & Northern Lights (final 4 spots!)

Thu 1 Nov - Sun 4 Nov
39 RSVPs 2 left 1 349,00

WWI Tour – The Centennial Anniversary

Sun 4 Nov | 09:00 - 22:00
24 RSVPs 76 left

Noël à Strasbourg Daytrip

Sat 24 Nov | 07:00 - 01:30
36 RSVPs 34 left 95 approximately

York Weekend Christmas Cruise

Fri 30 Nov - Sun 2 Dec
26 RSVPs 54 left 475

Christmas in Vienna

Sun 23 Dec - Wed 26 Dec
10 RSVPs 90 left

Northern Lights NYE (1 extra spot)

Sat 29 Dec 2018 - Wed 2 Jan 2019
67 RSVPs 1 747,00
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Stay informed about news from Brussels, our community and expat life. We invite you to join the conversation by commenting on our posts. Blog suggestions and guest authors are welcome.

Edgar Hütte, 10 June 2018
This past weekend was an important milestone in the history of Expat Club. Only few hours ago I returned from Poland with a group of 30 international people. With pure tourist visits to the Old Town of Krakow and the stunning UNESCO-protected salt mines of Wieliczka, our main destination was Auschwitz, the former nazi concentration and ...
  • Edgar Hütte, 7 January 2018
    Our planned ski trip from Friday evening 12 to Sunday 14 January may take place after all! Read on... At the moment of writing, the temperatures are ...
  • Edgar Hütte, 23 October 2017
    It is not very common that an artist of the like of Christo comes to Brussels. There are not many artists that can equal the length of his career (about ...
  • Edgar Hütte, 17 October 2017
    The days get shorter. The temperatures drop. Christmas season is just around the corner. Since 2013 Expat Club has been organising dozens of special ...
  • Edgar Hütte, 21 September 2017
    Expat Club's membership base and activities are expanding quickly. Therefore we are looking for enthusiastic new members that would like to strengthen the ...
  • Edgar Hütte, 13 July 2017
    The subject line actually refers to a Facebook thread that I started last week about plumbers and other handyman scum who try to rip you off in any way ...
  • Edgar Hütte, 5 May 2017
    Did you already sign up for a free Expat Club membership? If not, here is another good reason. Every time you make a booking for one of our events or trips ...
  • Edgar Hütte, 8 January 2017
    A new year has begun. It's not only time to think about new year's resolutions, but also about the plans for Expat Club. Our international community is ...




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