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Why Expat Club?

Are you new to Brussels or do you live here already for several years and feel your social life could use a boost? And what about that bucket list of things to see and do while being here? The truth is that making friends is not that easy, and making plans to get out there neither. Expat Club was founded in 2013 with the idea to make you quickly feel at home, meet other expats, and do interesting activities, see new places, and learn new things.


Feel at home

We understand how important it is to feel at home. Our events are easily-accessible and introduce you to the best of Brussels, Belgium and beyond. We even organise an "Everyday life in Brussels" workshop for newcomers.


Meet international people

We are Brussels’ most diverse community and welcome people from all over the world, including singles, couples, retirees, and often also families. This creates a uniquely safe and open-minded atmosphere. We offer an optional free online membership, so you can connect with other members.


Do, see, learn

We organise many local events like museum visits, lunches, workshops, coffee mornings, movie nights, walks and other activities. Our trips by luxury coaches, train or flight lead to 100+ destinations in Belgium and other countries, and include guided tours and special visits.


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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Venice Carnival 2021

Fri 5 Feb - Sun 7 Feb
5 RSVPs 9+ left Free

Venice Carnival is one for the bucket list. See all those beautiful costumes in this exceptional city and party with us!

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Ancient Egypt

Sun 14 Feb - Sat 20 Feb
27 RSVPs 9+ left Free

A journey taking us back thousands of years to the ancient world of Pharaohs in Egypt with its tombs, temples and pyramids.

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Ancient Athens

Thu 25 Feb - Sat 27 Feb
6 RSVPs 9+ left Free

Over 2500 years of history packed into a great long weekend trip to the Ancient Greek capital.

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Ancient Peru

Mon 1 Mar - Sat 13 Mar
11 RSVPs 9+ left Free

Discover amazing Peru, with its mysterious Nazca Lines, Andes peaks and the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.

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Lively Lisbon & Sintra (postponed)

Thu 18 Mar - Sun 21 Mar
18 RSVPs 9+ left Free

Squares, old neighbourhoods, stunning architecture, a former World Expo... Lisbon has everything for a perfect weekend trip.

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Naples, Pompei & Amalfi Coast

Thu 25 Mar - Sun 28 Mar
13 RSVPs 9+ left Free

A weekend trip with the world's best pizza, a volcano, a UNESCO-site uncovered from dust, and spectacular coastal towns.

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Constantinople to Istanbul

Fri 2 Apr - Mon 5 Apr
27 RSVPs 9+ left Free

Long weekend trip to Istanbul, the city of 2 continents and countless cultural and architectural highlights.

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Kiev & Chernobyl II

Sat 3 Apr - Wed 7 Apr
1 RSVPs 0 left 1649

Chernobyl was the world's worst nuclear disaster. After 34 years, it is safe to visit Chernobyl, Pripyat and the plant itself.

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