5000 Meetup members

Expat-Club-BrusselsOn Easter Sunday our Meetup.com group reached a whopping 5000 members. Expat Club started as Expat Club Brussels on 31 March 2013. It quickly became Brussels largest and most active group with a wide variety of activities. After about one year the name changed to simply Expat Club, with the accompanying URL www.expatclub.org, due to the confusion of the name (some people called it Brussels Expat Club or Expats in Brussels Club).

Although this is a great milestone, it was also quickly clear that Meetup.com as a platform is not powerful and service-oriented enough. Besides many technical glitches, it for instance doesn’t allow members to choose between various payment methods. From a practical perspective the system is often also difficult to work with as it doesn’t provide Meetup organisers with actual names, email addresses and other personal data that are often required to organise a meetup in the first place. For our trips we usually want to know if you would like to join for lunch, where you will board the bus or whether you want to visit a certain museum. Since Meetup.com doesn’t provide any workable possibility to ask such questions, Expat Club unfortunately cannot handle reservations for trips anymore on Meetup.com. Still, for our free events, such as the socialising evenings and coffee meetups, we would love to welcome RSVPs!

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