What is Expat Club?

Expats living in Brussels may have difficulty settling in, feeling at home, and meeting new friends. Expat Club aims to ease that transition while enhancing everyday life with informal events, trips, and other opportunities. Our members are international and open-minded, and our events range from casual get-togethers and post-gallery discussions to industrial tours and more extended trips outside of Belgium. Keep reading to learn more about Expat Club and the benefits of connecting with our international community.

Expat Club: connecting international people

Members of Expat Club have access to a wide variety of events and trips, all of which are professionally organized and guided. Informal events include coffee mornings and bar meetups, movie nights and film screenings, and exhibitions and discussions. Unique opportunities range from historic battlefields and private museum tours to exclusive industrial tours.


Recent tours have taken members behind the scenes at car factories, nuclear power plants, and airports. Meeting new friends is easy when you are around others interested in the same places, activities and ideas as you! You can leave your work life behind and simply focus on relaxing while experiencing something new.


Our events

In addition, large-scale activities include daytrips both within Belgium and beyond its boarders. Expat Club regularly explores other Belgian regions, but we also plan excursions outside of the country. A recent tour took members the Port of Rotterdam in Holland, by far the largest in Europe, and soon we will visit the Champagne region in France for a tour of multiple cellars. Transportation is provided on every trip, so no one has to worry about driving, directions or parking. The luxurious coaches we hire enhance the trip experience by bringing everyone together in a fun, upbeat atmosphere. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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Other Benefits and Experiences

Expat Club will connect you with a variety of resources and opportunities that you might otherwise not run across. In additional to our various trips and events, the website is continually updated with news and helpful information. Recent blog posts, for example, featured tips for saving money in Brussels and information about getting a free ride with Uber, a  ride-sharing service. Sometimes we organise charity events where members come together and raise money for non-profit organisations such as Hopi Clowns or the Flemish Parkinson League. In the near future our website will host a full-fledged online member community with many features that will be of benefit

Who is coming? And who can join?

Anyone is welcome to attend free events hosted by Expat Club such as the coffee mornings where you can receive more information about living in Brussels. You must, however, be an expat or a local with an international background. Expat Club members come from all over the world and work in all sectors of the economy. Most of our members are in their 30s and 40s, but we welcome singles, couples, and groups of friends in any age range.

Group of different families together of all races

In addition, we are increasing the number of events that welcome families with children. Many of our outings and daytrips are the ideal chance to introduce your children to life within Brussels. Each event will clearly indicate whether children are welcome, making it easy to discern which trip might be best for you. If you do not have children but want to bring along friends or colleagues, you can easily invite them to join Expat Club through our website.

As Brussels’ premier international community, we want you to feel at home while meeting new people, attending fun, interesting or even exclusive events, and discovering fresh opportunities. View the detailed list of upcoming events on our website or join us on Facebook to start getting connected.