Another reason to sign up

Did you already sign up for a free Expat Club membership? If not, here is another good reason. Every time you make a booking for one of our events or trips you get a 2% discount. The amount is automatically deducted from the totals, but only of course if you are an approved member and actually logged in while making the reservation. How easy is that?

This extra little bonus comes on top of the €10 free trip credit when we approve your profile, and many of the other benefits, such as being able to see other member profiles, create friendships, joining online discussions and seeing who joins an event or trip. Over the next few months we’ll roll out more benefits. So why not join our international community and start enjoying this benefits right away?

Registration is an easy process and only takes a few minutes. You need to of course be an expat in Brussels / Belgium (or be a Belgian national with an interest in our international community) and upload a nice picture of yourself (recognisable). You can start the process here:

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