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Become an Expat Club member

Become an Expat Club member

Becoming a member of Expat Club has many advantages. You will become part of an exclusive local network of international minds and can connect with other members, both online and offline. We welcome people from all over the world with a variety of backgrounds and surely you will fit right in. Besides you will get some special perks, such as a welcome discount code, a free e-book, and an invitation for a chocolate making demonstration. The online registration process takes just a few minutes. Don’t be alarmed by the number of pictures below. It is quite straightforward and quick, and works virtually the same as many other high quality online networks. In fact, you may just get started right away by clicking here.


The first thing you must do is to visit our homepage Then click the "Register" or "Register now" button in the right upper corner. You can also click on this link.

The first thing you must do is to visit our homepage Then click the “Register” or “Register now” button in the right upper corner. You can also click on this link.



On the following page you are invited to fill out a few details. We will never share this, but your name, nationality, country of origin and date of arrival will be shown to other members. Your email address will never be shown or shared. After completing the registration page you are not yet fully registered. You must consequently confirm your email address and upload a profile picture.



The above email is sent to you immediately. Click on the text “clicking here” to confirm your membership request. You will be automatically redirected to the “Change Profile Picture” page. We require everyone to upload a clear picture (no sunglasses, hats, distance pictures, cats/dogs, Mickey Mouses and whatever, just a clear frontal picture).



Now it is time for the last step on your side: upload a clear picture. You can do so in two ways. First you can click drop or select a file from you computer. Second, you can take a picture with your computer’s camera. Once the picture is uploaded the system will automatically inform us about your membership request. We usually respond very fast (within a few minutes to 1 hour), but it will never take more than 24 hours. However, we perform a background check on every applicant to ensure the quality of our network remains high. You may have to send us your LinkedIn or Facebook profile URL so we can get to know you better. Alternatively you can send us your phone number or a short email from your company / work email address.



After we approve your membership request you will immediately receive a welcome email with a link to our free e-book, a €10 discount code and a code for a €1 coffee for our weekly coffee event. We also encourage you to return to your “edit profile” page and fill out all the green fields. You are already a member, but if you also complete those we can invite you for a free chocolate making demonstration!



In the right upper corner of your profile page you can see your profile status bar. If you fill out all fields behind the red and green bars (just scroll down), then it will reach 100% percent. All in all this process should just take a few minutes.

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