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The ultimate Oktoberfest Playlist

The “biggest folk fest in the world” is expected to have an equally impressive playlist, and trust us; it’s one that does not disappoint. The music of Oktoberfest is almost as important as enjoying some beers and delicious Bavarian food at their world-famous beer tents. It is what brings all those elements together into one incredible atmosphere. 1. The one you absolutely must know Since 1912 when it made its debut in Oktoberfest, bands in each tent will play this song every 15 to 20 minutes, and you must partake in the ritual that follows. We’re talking about, of course, Ein Prosit! When the song begins, you stand up, grab your “Maß” (that large beer mug), sing along and sway with your fellow tablemates, toast, and drink! Here are the lyrics: Ein Prosit...