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Five Tips to Survive Winter’s Cold Temperatures

Winter is a four-letter word. C-O-L-D. While hundreds of thousands of travelers are basking in the sun during the winter, heartier travelers are heading north to the frozen tundra. Whether it’s a ski holiday, adventure vacation or business trip, how can you best brave the cold and stay warm and comfy, cozy in bone-chilling temperatures? Here are five tips to survive the cold, snow and ice. 

NEWS: Opening Shopping Complex

Brussels has a new shopping center! The name of this brand-new complex is Docks Bruxsel. It’s located right on the canal in the North of the city and it boasts 110 stores that “promise a truly original urban experience combining leisure activities with shops, food, culture and entertainment.” It also has ads 8 cinema screens to our city, offers free wifi and phone recharging points, and can be used as a dedicated events venue. Docks Bruxsel is located at about 3 kilometers North from Yser. Although that would be too far too walk for most people, it’s easy to get there by bicycle. It has space for hundreds of bikes and even 40 Villos. Buses 47 and 58 stop in front of the shopping complex, while also trams 3 and 7 halt there. If you happen to come by car, no worries a...

How to save money in Brussels?

Money. Don’t you wish it would just grow on a tree? Preferably one in your own backyard of course. Keep on wishing… it won’t happen unfortunately. However, in our perennial search to balance our monthly budgets, there are certainly a few things we can do on the debit side. In other words, how can you lower your expenses without giving in on what and how much you buy or do? In this post I would like to share a few of my experiences to save money in Brussels. It is not about budgeting or money saving in general (e.g. taking shorter showers, use the car less frequently …), but it provides some concrete examples of how I saved a lot of money in Brussels quite easily over the past few years. Some may work for you, some may not. Either way, I hope they can be of any advantage to you and ob...