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Cycling in Brussels

The opinions about the Brussels’ level of bicycle-friendliness vary a lot.  Despite many recent improvements, such as designated bicycle lanes and the introduction of the Villo network in 2009, the city is not very bicycle friendly compared to other European cities.  In a classic short video that went viral in Brussels it is visually explained what is wrong with this city when it comes to cycling. Also, many of us have learned the hard way that what goes down, must go up. I’m talking about the “hilliness” of the city of course. Downhill is great, but plodding yourself up is less fun, especially after a day of work or a night in the bar. No wonder that the Villo-stations in the higher areas of town are often empty by the end of the morning and it’s often difficult to find ...

Bouillon’s medieval castle

In July last year Expat Club visited the magnificent Bouillon castle, where history goes back over 1.000 years. Also in 2014 we will go to this beautiful part of the country. Not only will we visit the castle and the town of Bouillon, often called the pearl of the Semois valley, but we are also going to have a relaxing kayaking trip on the Semois river itself. Take a look around! After visiting the castle, we board our 1 or 2-persons kayaks and drift down the calm Semois that is surrounded by the green hills of the Ardennes. Upon arrival a cold drink or some good food is awaiting you! Another great day with Expat Club.