Trip review: Cheeseweb on Verdun

At the end of April this year Expat Club traveled to Northern France to visit the region of Verdun, a 2000 year old city that is often called the Capital of the First World War because of the heavy fighting that went on 100 years ago in this region. Two of our participants were Alison and Andrew of Cheeseweb, Belgium’s favorite expat blog. They have a knack for slow travel. In other words, they love to discover Brussels, Belgium and Beyond. Expat Club tries to do for its members; to introduce them to the best of Brussels, Belgium and Beyond!

CheeseWeb AlisonAndrew

Alison & Andrew of Cheeseweb:

“We believe every destination has a story to tell and that the journey truly is the destination.”

At the end of March Andrew already joined us for the Audi Factory Tour and a few weeks later they both joined on our famous Champagne tour. Both being real foodies, they of course loved trying out various champagnes. They shared their experiences in a blog item. Recently they published an equally lovely review about our sobering albeit fascinating Verdun battlefields trip.

Verdun, France was witness to some of the most devastating fighting in World War I. Last April, we joined the Expat Club to learn more about the “Hell of Verdun.” By the end of 1915, the war on the western front had ground to a halt. Trenches reached from the coast of Belgium to the Swiss border and the lines would change little until 1918. The Battle of Verdun was one attempt to break through. Read more.

For those interested in this tour, we are likely going back to Verdun in April or May 2015.

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