Christmas Markets


Christmas Markets

Many people look forward to the December month. At Expat Club we totally understand. In fact, we are anticipating the holidays so much that our Christmas period already starts end November when the first markets open. We visit the best markets in various countries around us. Needless to say we always arrange a guided tour, a Christmas lunch and depending on the destination a boat tour, a museum visit, and of course a get together under the Christmas tree with a nice warm Glühwein and a delicious Christmas snack. Traveling together with old and new expat friends make our Christmas Markets trips extra special. It’s a perfect warm up to the actual Christmas holidays. Here are some of the best destinations.



Right across the Belgian border, but this is an über German village. It almost feels like it was made for Christmas, with it’s beautiful sleet rooftops covering the half-timbered houses and lovely small squares. It’s a must-see destination, also during the summer months btw.

Canterbury Christmas


One of our most beloved Christmas trips takes us across The Channel by exciting P&O Ferries. World-famous for both its majestic Cathedral and Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, this city gives us the perfect Christmas Day Getaway. Out and about in one long day.



Often called the “Mother of all Christmas Markets”, simply because of its sheer size. With eight large markets in various parts of the city, including one right next to the extraordinary Kölner Dom, it is more than worth a trip over to Germany’s 4th largest city.

Trier Christmas


Often fighting with Cologne about who is the oldest city in Germany, Trier definitely is one of the most historic plaes in Western Europe. With 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites tracing back to Roman times, Trier is a must-see destination and for Christmas it becomes exceptionally warm and Christmassy.



You may never have heard of Valkenburg, but it is one of Holland’s most touristy places. It is known for its limestone caves. During Christmas time the markets take place inside. Together with the cable car on the panoramic hill, Valkenburg is a lovely destination for another type of Christmas trip.



Expat Club’s very first Christmas destination in 2014 is still a classic. Almost as big as Cologne, what makes this city special is its luxurious shopping district and high-end Christmas markets. During the day we also make a boat tour and ascend the high panoramic tower.

Strasbourg Christmas


To finish we go back to where it all began… Strasbourg in the East of France had the world’s first Christmas market back in 1570. Nowadays we travel there for a long one day trip to visit the lovely markets that are stalled throughout the city. With its beautiful Cathedral, the picturesque La Petite France neighborhood and the European District, it is definitely a destination that keeps coming back on our Christmas calendar.