Expat Club Christmas Trips

In 2016 we organises for the 4th year trips to some of the best Christmas markets that we can reach in a day. We started in 2013 with fantastic trips to Düsseldorf and Paris. In 2014 we added Cologne and Lille. Last year (2015) we skipped Lille, but added Monschau, Canterbury and Aachen. This we year are proud to present Lille again on our calendar and add four new destinations: Maastricht, Trier, Valkenburg and even a weekend trip to Strasbourg.

All our trips are carried out with 4* coaches with more leg space than the usual Belgian buses. All coaches have reclining comfort seats with footrests, an on-board toilet, air-conditioning and several flatscreens. We normally gather at Place Schuman, and depending on the destination we may also stop elsewhere in town (e.g. Louise, Midi and Yser) or even in Leuven and Ghent.

The people that join us have many different backgrounds: from students and au-pairs to CEOs and retirees. Aged between 25 and 80 (average about 40-45) we welcome people working in the international institutions, small and big businesses, freelancers, artists and entrepreneurs. There are many couples joining us, as well as families and singles. In other words, we always have a great international crowd joining us.

Valkenburg EC copySaturday 19 November
Valkenburg’s Christmas in Caves


Sunday 20 November
Aachen Charlemagne Christmas



Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November
Noël à Strasbourg (Europe’s Best Christmas Market)



Saturday 3 December
Canterbury Christmas Tales


Cologne Christmas VVV

Sunday 4 December
Cologne (“Mother of All Christmas Markets”)


Trier Christmas VVV

Saturday 10 December
Trier Roman Christmas



Sunday 11 December
Düsseldorf Christmas markets


Saturday 17 December
Noël à Paris



Sunday 18 December
Maastricht Magical Christmas



Friday 24/12
Noël à Lille


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