Coach Pick-up Points

Our coaches stop at various locations in Brussels, depending primarily on the trip destination. For most trips we meet at Place Schuman, but sometimes we add an extra location to make it easier for you (e.g. Place Schuman, Louise and Midi Station for trips to Lille, the Champagne and Paris). Below are the most important pick-up points (click on them for a Google Map street view).

Brussels pointed with red push pin

  • Place Schuman (Rond-Point), at the bus stop next to the KBC Bank. For most trips we stop here as many of our members live around this area. It is right next to Metro Schuman. If you are going in the downtown direction, take a seat in the last car. If you are going in the Montgomery direction, take a seat in the front car. If you leave the platform, you’re already on the right side of the station and just have to follow the exit “Justus Lipsius” and Bus 36.

  • Avenue Tervuren / Montgomery, we usually don’t stop here. Just in case Place Schuman is closed off due to an EU summit or other event, we use this point as a pick-up point for our trips towards the North, East and Southeast, such as Amsterdam, Cologne, Liège, Trier, Luxembourg and Verdun. Take the side street of Avenue Tervuren from Merode towards the big Montgomery Square. Almost at the end you will find the Banque de Luxembourg and the B-Aparthotel on your right. There is a long parking for public buses.

  • Louise (Rond-Point), at the pedestrian crossing right in front of Tiffany’s jewellery store and fashion store Fratteli Rossetti. We only stop here if we go towards the South / Southwest , such as Paris, Lille and the Champagne.

  • Gare du Midi / Rue du France, at the “Charleroi Airport” bus-stop, which you can find close to the exit that is near the Air France – Charles de Gaulle Aiport TGV check-in desk. Note: Gare du Midi is very large and this particular meeting point is about 5 minutes walking from the Metro platform. We only stop here if we go towards the South / Southwest, such as Paris, Lille and the Champagne.

  • Avenue d’Auderghem / La Chasse. For the many members that live in Etterbeek, we may be able to pick you up whenever we drive towards the E411 (Namur / Luxembourg). Wait on the bus stop right before the La Chasse intersection on Avenue d’Auderghem.

  • Metro Delta / Avenue due Beaulieu. This is actually a few minutes walking from the station and in direction of the highway E411 entrance. We only stop here if we drive towards Namur and Luxembourg. Please wait at the bus stop on the right side of the street next to the big parking.

  • Metro / Avenue Hermann-Debroux. This is just a stone’s throw from Metro Hermann-Debroux and the stop for tram 94. Wait on the bus stop on Avenue Hermann-Debroux (the one under the bridge), right next to the Shell gas station. We only stop here if we drive towards Namur and Luxembourg.

  • Metro Yser / Boulevard Bauduin. Take exit 6: Avenue de l’Héliport & Place de l’Yser. Advice: if you come from the direction Arts/Loi and Rogier, make sure to sit in the front car so you are immediately at the correct side of the station. We only stop here if we drive towards the West, such as Ghent, Ypres, Bruges and the Belgian Coast.

  • Metro Simonis. On the Boulevard Leopold II, right above the railway tracks. Wait at the bus stop on the main road that is in direction of the Basilique.


  • Basilique / Landsroemlaan. Whenever we drive towards the E40 to Ghent, we may make a last quick stop close to the traffic lights behind the Basilique. Make sure to wait on the right side of the street next to the traffic lights.

  • Basilix Shoping Center. Whenever we drive towards Ghent and beyond (e.g. for the Opal Coast trips and the trips to England) we can also pick you up at the bus stop on Avenue Charles-Quint right before the intersection with Chaussée de Gand.

  • Texaco Service Station E40 Leuven. Whenever we drive towards Liège over the E40, we may pick you up at the Texaco service station on the E40, just south of Leuven. We pick you up at the South station, but drop you off again at the North station. We will stop at the bus parking spots right before the gas station.

  • Highway E314 entrance #17 towards Hasselt – Brusselsesteenweg. Whenever we drive towards Hasselt / Maasmechelen / Maastricht / Cologne / Düsseldorf we may pick you up at the highway E314 entrance #17 Winksele / Brusselsesteenweg on the Leuven side of the bridge. We will stop the bus only for a few seconds to pick you up. Upon our return we drop you on the other side of the highway bridge. NOTE: sometimes the bus stops here first before going to Brussels (if the bus company is close to Leuven). In that case you must wait on the other side of the highway at the entrance towards Brussels, so the below picture is then not correct!


  • Highway E19 entrance #1 towards Breda – Groenendaallaan – Whenever we drive towards the Netherlands, either via Bergen op Zoom or Breda, we are happy to pick you up in Antwerp. The only location we can do so easily with a big bus is near the McDonalds in Merksem. This is right next to the E19 highway towards Breda. Wait at the beginning of the highway entrance. We can only stop for a very quick pickup. On the return trip we drop you on the other side of the highway, so we can easily continue our trip to Brussels.


For trips towards the North and East of, we often also stop at Meiser on the way back to Brussels since many live in Schaerbeek. This way you won’t have to walk back or take public transportation back from Schuman. When we come from the Southwest (Lille / Paris) we may also stop at Porte de Halle and Porte de Namur. When getting home is difficult, for instance because public transportation has already stopped, we normally try to organise someone from the group to take you home, to share a cab or Uber (much cheaper, check this for a €20 free credit).