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Expat Club events are frequented by many different people. Some of them have great talents, such as our long-time supporter Sarah Strange who is an official tour guide for the City of Brussels. In her free time she loves to write poems, and how honoured we are that her latest one is about an Expat Club event… again!

Brussels – Europe’s melting pot
Gregarious around the clock
Meet-ups, festivals for free
In language terms – the place-to-be!

Take Saturdays at coffee time
The Ex-Pat group – a fertile vine
Provides a forum for new links
Connections over warming drinks!

An exchange of views – a welcome chat
Almost one in three is an Ex-Pat
Some seeking work, some locked-indoors
All week – doing E.U. chores!

It’s mix and match – a chance to shine
Meeting people in Real Time
From distant shores or just next door
Great close encounters lie in store!

© Poet in the woods 2016

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