€154,20 for Parkinson

The first 4 editions of our Charity Rambles on Sunday morning raised €154,20 for the Flemish Parkinson Liga. Thank you to everyone who joined Expat Club during our 4 pleasant walks that took us literally to four opposite corners of Brussels:

  • The Northwest “Atomium” edition
  • The Southeast “Cloître Rouge” edition
  • The Southwest “Industry” edition (Electrabel Power Plant and the Audi Factory)
  • The Northeast “Woluwe, Evere & Schaerbeek” edition


hopiclownFor our next walks we again would like to raise money for a good cause.  This time the proceeds go to Hopi Clowns, a nonprofit association that entertains hospitalised children. Their clowns put smiles on the children’s faces and help them to forget for just a while that they are in a hospital. Thank you in advance for walking with us for this wonderful charitable cause!

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