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  • Late August – early September 2023 (no exact dates)

  • Epic road trip through Alaska by comfortable coach

  • Flights to and from Anchorage

  • Accommodation in 3-5 star hotels

This trip will take place in August/September 2023 only.
The exact dates are not yet known, neither is the price.
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The 49th State of the United States is one of extremes. It is by far the largest US State in terms of territory size. But with less than three quarters of a million it is also by far the least inhabited State, with over 50% living in the Anchorage Metropolitan area alone. Alaska has immense mountain ranges, including North America’s highest Mount Denali (formerly known as Mount McKinley) and the US largest National Park Wrangell-St.Elias. It is home to Grizzly (Brown) Bears, Black Bears, Wolves, Moose, Killer Whales, Beluga Whales, Salmon and many other species, and although the State is white for a large part of the year, an abundance of reborn life can be observed every Spring. It is also the State of the Gold Rush, of King Crab fishing and the heartbreaking movie Into the Wild. This is Alaska, the final frontier, and Expat Club would like to take these amazing lands and waters.

Bienvenue at the Last Frontier | © Ingo70 – Shutterstock

Dates: somewhere from early August to mid September 2019
Trip length: 12-15 days
Itinerary: see below for likely route
Costs: first indication is €3500-€4500

To gauge the interest among our members and non-members to travel to Alaska, please leave your name and email address in the box above or below and we will put you on a special list, or simply click on the RSVP button if you are logged in as a member. This way we can inform you about our plans when we get there. This is for free and comes without any obligation. So in case you are interested, just let us know and we’ll keep you informed.

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Anchorage agains the backdrop of some stunning mountains | © Anchorage Rocky Grimes – Shutterstock
Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city with about 300.000 inhabitants | © Russ Heinl – Shutterstock
Aquaplanes, a major form of transportation in this enormous State | © Viktor Birkus – Shutterstock
The Turnagain Arm South from Anchorage with the Kenai peninsula on the other side | © akphotoc – Shutterstock
The Turnagain Arm is home to the playful Beluga Whales | HelloRF Zcool – Shutterstock
Another playful and super cute Alaskan friend, the sea otter | © Richard Fitzer – Shutterstock
The lively fisher’s town Homer lies at the very Southwest of the Kenai Peninsula | © Carlo Emanuele Barbi – Shutterstock
The picturesque lighthouse in Homer | © By Jay Yuan – Shutterstock
Homer’s harbour with its many fishers boats | © Doug Lemke – Shutterstock
Lovely restaurants and tourist shops along the Kachemak Bay | © oksana.perkins – Shutterstock
Catch of the day at Seward | reisegraf.ch – Shutterstock
Seward is visited by many Alaska cruises | © Albert Pego – Shutterstock
Small and big ships are welcome in Seward | © ThinkingAhead – Shutterstock
Fisher boats and leisure boats in the harbour of Seward | JT Fisherman – Shutterstock
The Exit Glacier lies not far from Seward | © Galyna Andrushko
The village of Whittier requires its on access info radio station | © Martin Drahomirecky – Shutterstock
The entrance to the Anton Anderson Tunnel, which is used by trains and cars (one direction each time only). It is the only way to and from Whittier and we must pass through it | © Gabor Eszes UED77 (own work), via Wikimedia Commons
Whittier is a small fishing town, but also a port that serves Valdez and Cordova by ferry | © joann-campbell – Shutterstock
Leaving Whittier behind us on the ferry, setting course for Valdez on the other side of the Prince William Sound | © Caleb Foster – Shutterstock
The Columbia glacier ends up in the Prince William Sound | © Frank Fichtmueller – Shutterstock
The ferry from Whittier to Valdez takes about 6 hours | © Marina-Riley-Boat – Shutterstock
The Prince William Sound is home to several species of whales | © Steve Boice – Shutterstock
Seeing a pod of Killer Whales is incredibly impressive | © Tory Kallman – Shutterstock
Seals basking in the sun | © TTphoto – Shutterstock
Sea lions resting on a buoy | © Kushal Bose – Shutterstock
Just enjoy the stunning scenerey | © Andrea Izzotti – Shutterstock
The panoramic views are just endless and breathtaking | © Andrea Izzotti – Shutterstock
And more sea lions are there to welcome us in Valdez | © Andrea Izzotti – Shutterstock
The Valdez fishing harbour | © Krishna Wu – Shutterstock
At night especially one can see the industrial relevance of Valdez, situated at the very end of the Alaska Oilpipe | © Olga Lyubochkina – Shutterstock
The 1,22 meters in diameter Trans Alaska Pipeline transports oil from Northern Alaska all the way to Valdez over a 1287 km distance | © reisegraf.ch – Shutterstock
Travelling from Valdez to Fairbanks, the pipeline is often visible on the side of the road | © reisegraf.ch – Shutterstock
The 592km long Richardson Highway between Valdez and Fairbanks is considered one of the most beautiful routes anywhere in the world | © Arlene Treiber Waller – Shutterstock
Spectacular coloured mountains make it appear you have ended up in a real-life Bob Ross painting | © Uwe Bergwitz – Shutterstock
Mount Sanford in Wrangell-St. Elias, one of North America’s highest mountains | © Alisha Newton – Shutterstock
Instead of driving into the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park over the infamous McCarthy Road, we take a flight to McCarthy | © Sofiia Dorsey – Shutterstock
After 45-50 minutes we reach McCarthy Airport | © Neil Podoll – Shutterstock
The abandoned hardware store in McCarthy, a small village that counts just a few dozen permanent inhabitants | © James Brooks – originally posted to Flickr as McCarthy AK, via Wikimedia Commons
One of Alaska’s most iconic buildings, the Kennecott Copper Mine, lies just a few kilometers from McCarthy | © y z-l e x – Shutterstock
You will be able to see the mine building from inside only with a licensed guide | © Menno Schaefer – Shutterstock
The deserted Kennecott Mine is elegant yet spooky | © Frank Fichtmueller – Shutterstock
The Root Glacier is covered with stones and dust, Mt Blackburn in the background | © Walter Quirtmair – Shutterstock
We take off again at the base of the Kennecott Glacier | © Krishna Wu – Shutterstock
The glacier trends down 43 kilometer from Mount Blackburn, flying up there takes a bit of time | © Galyna Andrushko – Shutterstock
We’re approaching the beginning of the glacier, now the climbing really starts | © Krishna Wu – Shutterstock
Going over these mountain ridges offers one of the most spectacular panoramic views you will ever see | © Frank Fichtmueller – Shutterstock
The Bagley Icefield lies high up in the mountains and is so insanely big that even a panoramic picture does not do justice to its size, you have to see it for yourself. It encompasses several glaciers and measures 127 miles in length and 6 miles in width and is over half a mile thick. It is the largest non-polar glacier in the world | © Joseph Sohm – Shutterstock
Mt Wrangell is a giant volcano. See the steam coming out on the side | © Alisha Newton – Shutterstock
The end of America’s longest glacier, the Nabesna glacier, which also originates from the Bagley ice field | © Mariusz S. Jurgielewicz – Shutterstock
After such an adventure of a lifetime it’s hard to imagine that our route continues by wheels again towards Fairbanks | Joseph Sohm – Shutterstock
Fairbanks is a small town but with a famous name and long history | © Mikhail Varentsov – Shutterstock
Fairbanks is about as North as it gets, so a perfect place to observe the Aurora Borealis | © Wolfgang Wang – Shutterstock
The spectacular green dancing curtain | © Wolfgang Wang – Shutterstock
The Chena Hot Springs lie about 100km from Fairbanks | © Joseph-Sohm – Shutterstock
Time to turn left, lets go South again | © Joseph Sohm – Shutterstock
George Parks Highway from Fairbanks to Denali and Anchorage | © Joseph Sohm – Shutterstock
Moose crossing the Parks Highway | © blutack – Shutterstock
One of the US’ most famous parks: Denali | © Landon Cerny – Shutterstock
The world’s highest from a certain perspective, mountain Denali (formerly Mt McKinley) | © evenfh – Shutterstock
The Grizzly Bear, one of the most dangerous animals | © Troutnut – Shutterstock
The wolf is another major predator in Denali Park | © Frank Fichtmueller – Shutterstock
Papa Moose, nicely within the border of Denali National Park | © Michal Sarauer – Shutterstock
Mount Denali from the air, an incredible view from above | © David Maki
Welcome back to Anchorage | © Joseph Sohm
After thousands of kilometers by road, boat and air, it’s time to go back to Brussels. Our epic road trip is over @ Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport | © Artifan – Shutterstock



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