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  • Sunday 14 June 2020

  • From 08h15 until 20h30

  • Chateaux de Bouillon and Chateaux de Sedan

  • Transportation by private luxury bus

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Join us on a medieval-themed visit to some new and exciting locations for an educative and historical trip where we will visit two castles, one in Sedan and the other in Bouillon. These two castles are located on either side of the French/Belgian border in the Ardennes. The Bouillon Castle, once home to Lord Godfrey, the first ruler of Jerusalem, is located in Belgium and withstood being ruled over by both the French and the Dutch. The Sedan Castle, located in France, is the largest medieval castle in Europe and played an important geographical role in the unification of Germany at the end of the 19th century. As expected from the Ardennes region, both castles are surrounded by stunning scenery, including beautiful lakes, forests, and hills.


What's included?

  • Trip by 4* luxury coach with reclining seats
  • Bottled water during the outbound journey
  • Entrance fees Bouillon Castle
  • Guided tour (1h) of Bouillon Castle (BE)
  • Falconry show (30m) at Bouillon Castle
  • Entrance fees Sedan Castle (FR)
  • Guided tour (1,5h) Sedan Castle & museum
  • Great group of international people
  • A lifetime of expat memories

Coach pick-up point

– Place Schuman (bus stop next to KBC Bank on roundabout)
– La Chasse (long bus stop on Avenue d’Auderghem before main intersection)
– Metro Delta (long bus stop on Avenue de Beaulieu next to Metro exit)
– Metro Hermann Debroux (long bus stop next to Loxam, “under” the highway)

Who can join this trip?

Expat Club is known for welcoming a wide variety of international people on its trips. This creates a special, open-minded, safe and friendly environment in which everyone should feel comfortable.

  • Members & non-members
  • Expats & (international) Belgians
  • All ages, including children
  • Singles / couples / retirees / friends / colleagues / families

How to add a child ticket?

Expat Club loves welcoming young expats, too! If you want to bring your child(ren) up until 18 years, please first add the regular adult ticket(s) to the cart and then go to the cart page. On the cart page, there is a child ticket available for only €50. If you require 2 or more child tickets, you can change the quantity on the cart page too and update the cart.



As with any Expat Club trip, our schedule today is carefully designed so you can enjoy all the places and have enough time for lunch, a coffee and some free time. Still, all times below are tentative and depend also on external circumstances, such as weather and traffic conditions. Together with the bus driver, guide and welcoming destinations we will do our best to give you the most optimal experience. FYI, Expat Club loves being on time and we are very often spot on when it comes to keeping track of the schedule.

08h15 – Departure Place Schuman (La Chasse, Delta, Hermann-Debroux)
10h15 – Arrival Bouillon
11h15 – End tour
11h30 – Falconry show
12h00 – Free time/ lunch in town
13h30 – Trip to Sedan
14h00 – Arrival Sedan
14h15 – Guided tour (Chateau + Musee)
15h45 – End guided tour + free time at the castle
16h30 – Free time in Sedan
18h00 – Departure to Brussels (or +30 minutes)
20h30 – Return to Brussels

Bouillon Castle

Bouillon is a municipality located in the Southern Walloon Region just a few kilometres from the French border. It is a beautiful small town situated around a curve in the Semois river. Due to its strategic location the town was crucial in having control of the Ardennes region. No wonder well over 1.000 years ago this unique spot was chosen to build the majestic Bouillon castle.

The town of Bouillon was actually located in France until the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte and was handed over to the Netherlands during the 1815 Treaty of Paris, and subsequently it became part of Belgium after the separation from the Northern parts of the Netherlands in 1831. One of the most famous Lords of Bouillon was Godfrey of Bouillon. He sold the castle to finance the First Crusade where he went on to be the first ruler of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

This will be our first stop of the day. We start with a 1-hour guided tour in the castle. An official guide from the castle will take us through the various parts of this incredible structure that was build in the 10th century. Our visit leads us through 1.000+ years of history. After the tour you have a little bit of free time to explore the castle yourself, but you are also invited to attend the really cool falconry presentation, with beautiful falcons, owls and other birds of prey. After our visit to the castle you will have some free time to explore the town itself and find a nice place for lunch.


Sedan Castle

Sedan is a commune located in the Ardennes and Grand Est region of Northeastern France. For several centuries it had a small Benedictine priory, until Sedan Castle was constructed around 1424 by Évrard III de La Marck. Sedan has seen many battles in its history and one of the most famous ones happened on September 2, 1870, when Napoleon III, along with 100,000 men, was taken captive leading up to the unification of Germany. Another of Sedan’s most famous battles took place during the second world war when German troops invaded neutral Belgium and won the battle in Sedan to occupy the whole of France.



Nowadays Sedan is primarily a tourist town with the castle as its main attraction. And now wonder, because with 35.000 square meters on 7 levels, this is Europe’s largest castle! It was originally built on the banks of the Meusse river to serve as a stronghold on the copper road, right on the border between France and the Holy Roman Empire. The structure started out as a modest castle, but was continuously enlarged by the following lord, which ultimately led to the current gigantic size.

We will also visit Sedan castle with an official museum guide. For 1,5 hours we will be shown around this amazing structure, followed by some free time inside the castle and museum, as well as some free time in Sedan itself before we return to Brussels.



We will be travelling with a comfortable 4* luxury coach from Lauwers Reizen. The seats are configured in Princess Class, which means you will have extra leg space and can recline your seat. This way you can get some extra rest. All seats have footrests as well. There is a (small) toilet on-board and a DVD system with three flat screens, so we can show you a nice movie or documentary outbound and/or inbound journey. Btw we depart from Place Schuman, followed by La Chasse, Delta, and Hermann-Debroux.

ID:83051from:()to:()esd:(2020-06-14 20:30:00)2020-06-14 20:30:00
Only 0 spots leftnow €112,50

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ID:83051from:()to:()esd:(2020-06-14 20:30:00)2020-06-14 20:30:00


Only 0 spots leftnow €112,50

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