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  • Saturday 5 December | 06h45 until 01h30

  • Canterbury, England

  • Transportation by 4* luxury coach

  • P&O Ferry from Calais to Dover (1h30)

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This event is unlikely to take place considering the current corona measures and travel restrictions. If things change, we will inform our community as soon as possible.

Canterbury is one of England’s most beautiful cities. It is the location of the medieval Canterbury Tales, the literature masterpiece by Geoffrey Chaucer. Also it is home to one of the largest and most famous Cathedrals in the world: the Canterbury Cathedral. And finally, it is one of the nicest Expat Club Christmas destinations. The city has that typical “Dickens-style” Christmas atmosphere, with lovely street decorations, live music and Christmas carol singers, and many market stalls with typical English products and food items. And our trip over there is extra nice since we take a boat to England and can see the iconic White Cliffs of Dover coming closer every minute.


Included in basic trip fee

  • Transportation by 4* luxury coach
  • Bottled water on outbound trip
  • Lovely return trip Calais-Dover by P&O Ferries
  • 2-hours professionally guided tour in Canterbury
  • Dickens’ style Christmas city
  • A great group of international people
  • A memory of a lifetime


The following items are optional and can be booked during the reservation process. These fees are rather high and we don’t want to force you to enter if you would rather spend time in the city itself:
– Entrance to Canterbury Cathedral
– Guided tour inside Canterbury Cathedral

Coach pick-up points Brussels

  • Leuven (E314, entrance #17, Brusselsesteenweg, t.b.c.)
  • Place Schuman
  • Metro Yser
  • Metro Simonis
  • Basilique (intersection behind church)
  • Basilix Shopping Center
  • Ghent, exit #14 on E40, Kortrijksesteenweg

Coach drop-off points

Since we come back late and after the metro closes, we could stop at the following points for you.

  • Ghent, exit #14 on E40, Kortrijksesteenweg
  • Basilix Shopping Center
  • Basilique (intersection behind church)
  • Metro Simonis
  • Metro Yser
  • Botanique
  • Mado
  • Arts-Loi
  • Belliard
  • Place Schuman
  • Merode
  • Montgomery
  • Woluwe Shopping Center
  • Leuven (E314, entrance #17, Brusselsesteenweg)


You need a valid travel document to enter the United Kingdom, even if we only travel there for 1 day. If only your passport is not enough, you should get a visa as well. Please check this website if you need a visa. Expat Club cannot provide you any assistance with the checking and application process, neither can we help you if you are stopped at the border in Calais.

Child tickets

Expat Club often welcomes families on board of its trips. And also for this trip we would like to welcome children. A ticket costs €60 and already includes the entrance fees to the Cathedral. You simply first add one or more adult tickets to the cart after which you can add a child ticket to the cart on the cart page itself. If required you can change the quantity afterwards and update the cart before going to the checkout page.



Our schedule is carefully planned and we should have enough time in Canterbury to see the city and enjoy the Christmas markets. Please note that the schedule may still change for various circumstances, such as weather or traffic conditions. Your host, the bus driver, P&O Ferries, our local guide and receiving destinations will always do their best to give the best experience. Thank you for your understanding.

06h25 – Pick-up Leuven (highway entrance)
06h45 – Meeting Place Schuman (other pick-up points later)
07h45 – Pick-up Ghent
10h45 – Ferry to Dover
11h15 – Arrival Dover (- 1 hour)
12h30 – Arrival Canterbury & start guided tour
14h30 – End guided tour
16h00 – Entry in Canterbury Tales
18h15 – Departure to Dover
20h15 – Ferry to Calais
22h45 – Arrival Calais
00h30 – Arrival Ghent
01h30 – Arrival Brussels


Canterbury’s history goes back to the Roman times and the city has played an important role throughout English history. Nowadays it is home to about 50.000 inhabitants (150.000 in the wider area), many of whom are students. It lies about 85km East of London, and therefore it is perfect for a day trip from Brussels. Canterbury is known for three UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Cathedral, the St Augustine Abbey and St Martin’s church. We will see each of them during our guided tour (entrance fees apply for the Cathedral, a donation is asked for the church). Canterbury also forms the stage for Geoffrey Chaucer’s classic 14th-century The Canterbury Tales. There is even a lovely interactive museum that will introduce you to several tales. We highly recommend visiting this as well.



We travel by modern coach with on-board toilet, air-conditioning, reclining comfort seats with extra leg space and foot rests.  Our departure is from Place Schuman, followed by a quick stop at Metro Yser and Basilique. Possibly we can also pick you up in Leuven and at a highway exit (E40) in Ghent. Due to long day we travel with two professional drivers in accordance with EU regulation.


SoF Dover

© By 2013Harry (own work), Wikimedia Commons

We check-in with P&O Ferries in Calais for our 1,5 hours ferry crossing to Dover. The ferry transfer is of course included in the price of your ticket. FYI: the lowest return fee for foot passengers is over €50, so our package price is really a great deal. On-board you can find several places to sit and watch the famous white cliffs of Dover coming closer and closer. There are several bars and restaurants, as well as a business lounge. We will not play any movies on board our bus until we arrive in the UK, so you can recline your seat, lay back, and take a nice Saturday morning nap.


The Canterbury Cathedral is one of England’s oldest churches. Its roots trace back to 597, although complete reconstructions began in 1070 and lasted for 7 years. In 1170 the archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered in the cathedral, which lead to an influx of pilgrims. The cathedral therefore had to be enlarged, whereas also over the centuries that followed several parts were added.Canterbury Cathedral logo

© Tim Stubbings (1,3,4) and Paul Spree (2)

It is highly recommended to visit the cathedral. You could easily spend an hour in here to witness the different parts, such as the Quire, Trinity Chapel and Crypt. Our guides will end their tours here, but note that without paying the entrance fee you CANNOT see the Cathedral, not even from the outside as it is fully surrounded by buildings and walls. The entrance fee is so high to pay for the high maintenance costs that run into the many millions per year. During checkout you can indicate whether you would like to join.

The Tales

When you say Canterbury, you say Canterbury Tales. This 14th century literary work by Geoffrey Chaucer is a collection of more than 20 stories that for the first time in history used common English instead of French or Latin. Unfortunately we don’t offer tickets for the Tales museum anymore as of 1 December. You have to buy them on the spot.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 00.50.58

The Tales can now be enjoyed in real-life in the highly-rated dedicated museum (order during checkout): “Experience the sights, sounds and smells of a bygone era in this fabulous recreation of medieval life; a unique introduction to Canterbury and its famous literary connection. Your adventure begins in the Tabard Inn, where you will meet the first of our costumed guides, preparing you for your pilgrimage from London to Canterbury. To continue your experience, you are invited to share five of Chaucer’s most famous tales, with the aid of an audio guide (commentary available in six languages together with a special version in English for children). Along the way, Chaucer’s colourful and entertaining stories of love, romance, jealousy and trickery are dramatically brought to life for you to enjoy.”

9 or more spots left

Pre-reserve for free without obligations

Events start in 158 days and 15 hours

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9 or more spots left

Pre-reserve for free without obligations

Events start in 158 days and 15 hours

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