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Château de Versailles

Saturday 06 May | 07h00 - 00h30
Palace of Versailles
, Versailles, France

Additional Information

Coach pick-up point:
Place Schuman, Louise, Gare du Midi
trip by 4* coach, on-board drinks and snacks, Entrance fees Grand Apartments & Hall of Mirrors, Entrance fees Grand & Petit Trianon, Entrance fees Marie-Antoinette's Estaste, Entrance fees gardens & fountain show, great group of international people, a lifetime memory
2,5 hours Grand & Petit Trianons & Marie-Antoinette Estate guided tour (max 25 spots)
Coach drop-off point:
Place Schuman, Louise / Palais de Justice, Gare du Midi, Merode, Belliard, Montgomery, Diamant
Child ticket available:
Yes, for up to 16 years (€65)

Update Friday evening: You can still join this trip. Just book and you will get an instant confirmation. Meeting time is at 06h35 at Place Schuman and respectively 5 and 10 minutes later at Louise and Midi. For more information, don’t hesitate to start a chat (lower right) or call 0495-345144.

Versailles logo

The Palace of Versailles speaks to the imagination from all perspectives. Its enormous size, design and architecture, as well as the vast collection of art, the incredible opulence, its former inhabitants and its history. It is the ultimate symbol of the absolute monarchy and Ancien Régime. The Palace welcomes over 7,5 million visitors per year, more people than the Eiffel Tower but slightly less than the Louvre Museum. Indeed, the waiting lines are often equally long here. Luckily Expat Club has arranged entrance tickets in advance so you won’t have to worry about that.

© pchancel - Fotolia.com

© pchancel – Fotolia.com

With a floor area of 67.000 m2, 700 rooms, 1250 chimneys and 67 staircases, Versailles may very well be the world’s most impressive Palace if not most impressive building every built. Today we are going to visit this amazing Palace, its famous gardens, as well as the Grand and Petit Trianons and Marie-Antoinette’s estate.

© Sergii Figurnyi - Fotolia.com

Versailles’ Main Entrance | © Sergii Figurnyi – Fotolia.com

© Lapas77 - Fotolia.com

King Louis XIV’s bed | © Lapas77 – Fotolia.com

The Great Ballroom | © vichie81 - Fotolia.com

The Great Ballroom | © vichie81 – Fotolia.com

Chateau Versailles Galerie des Glaces

Hall of Mirrors | By Myrabella (own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Seeing everything is virtually impossible. Besides the fact that many wings, floors and rooms are closed off from the general public, it is simply too big. Spending only 1 minute in each room would not even fit within the opening hours. Therefore Expat Club has made the most optimal selection and program for you.

Versailles Grand-Trianon1700

The Grand Trianon

Marie-Antoinette's Estate | © Vogelsp - Fotolia.com

Marie-Antoinette’s Estate | © Vogelsp – Fotolia.com

© Sergii Figurnyi - Fotolia.com

Fountain of Apollo | © Sergii Figurnyi – Fotolia.com

Our program at Versailles
During a full afternoon programme you will have the chance to see the very best of the Palace of Versailles, its gardens and the Marie-Antoinette estate. You can first explore the palace on your own with a self-guided audio tour that will take you about 1,5 to 2 hours. Afterwards you can have lunch in one the two restaurants or stroll through the gardens where you can also eat at various places. From 15h30 the fountains will be activated while beautiful Baroque music will play in the background. This is truly an amazing atmosphere.

paris, versailles, palace

Gallery of the Grand Trianon with view on the gardens

From 16h30 we will be starting a 2hours guided tour at the Grands & Petits Trianons as the Queens hamlet. Two official expert guides who showed us around in April will also be with us today. We begin at the Grand Trianon (main entrance), but since this partially overlaps with the fountain show you may also just join us from 17h00 for the Petit Trianon and the Queen’s Hamlet. There is a €25 surcharge for this tour but it’s worth it. The feedback we received was extremely positive. Our guides will show us all the best places, inform us about the history of the Trianons and Queens Hamlet and tell us the best juicy stories.

coach bus rantour

We travel by luxury 4* coach with comfortable reclining seats that have extra leg space. The bus has an on-board toilet with running water, air conditioning, and a DVD system with several flat screens (we won’t show anything in the early morning). During the trip we provide you with some drinks and snacks.

Versailles fountain

The Château de Versailles and the Marie-Antoinnette estate close by 18h30, but the gardens remain open after that, so you have ample time to enjoy it to the fullest. If you want you can leave on your own to Paris during the afternoon or early evening. The RER train ticket (about €4) leaves every 30 minutes and takes about the same time to get to the Eiffel Tower. For those staying in Versailles there are lovely places for dinner right next to the exit and bus parking. The bus departs around 19h30.

© MasterLu - Fotolia.com

© MasterLu – Fotolia.com

We come back to Brussels at about 23h30. You can catch some extra sleep on board. Just recline your seat, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. On the way back we’ll of course dim the lights so you can rest properly. Please note that besides the departure points we could also drop you at Port de Halle, Porte de Namur, Arts/Belliard, as well as Merode, Montgomery and Diamant.

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  1. Louise Borg

    Am interested in this one as well Edgar. Hopefully I will be able to make it this time.

    1. Edgar Post author

      You’re always welcome to join us Loiuse. Hopefully it will work out this time 🙂

  2. Edgar Post author

    Versailles is just great! Love that trip. Not sure if I join myself though, but there are absolutely lovely people (Sarah or Sascha) who may take over 🙂