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Giverny: Monet’s Gardens

Saturday 02 June | 06h30 - 01h00
Monet’s Garden
, Giverny, France

Additional Information

Coach pick-up point:
Place Schuman, Louise, Gare du Midi, Leuven E314 - Winksele (#17)
trip by 4* coach, bottled water or orange juice, guided museum tour, entrance fees to Monet's Gardens & house, Monet garden guided tour, entrance fees Musée des Impressionismes, great group of international people, a lifetime memory
Coach drop-off point:
Place Schuman, Louise / Palais de Justice, Gare du Midi, Merode, Belliard, Montgomery, Diamant, Meiser, Evere
Child ticket available:
Yes, for up to 16 years (€75), First add regular ticket(s) and then select child tickets on cart page., Note that additional items cannot be added to the child ticket in the online system. They can be added later by phone or mail and paid for during the bustrip.
Members please log in before registering, Non-members are welcome to join us, You can book as long as the [Book now] button is still active, even the evening before departure., For more (last-minute) information don't hesitate to mail us at info@expatclub.org or call 0495-345144.

You can still book your ticket for tomorrow’s trip. Last 3 spots for the free guided tour in the museum though. The guided tour in the gardens is always included!

For last-minute information, just call 0495-345144, until 23h00.

Giverny painter-62934_960_720

For the third consecutive year Expat Club visits the lovely art destination Giverny. This beautiful little town lies about 70km West from Paris and is all about Claude Monet (1840 – 1926), one of the world’s most beloved artists. You will spend time in his house, his gardens with the famous ponds and Japanese bridge, art shops and ateliers and the beautiful scenery of Western Normandy.

Giverny Planmonetdef

Monet’s works are timeless and known for its stunning colours. Monet was a founder of the impressionist movement, about we will learn much more this day. We namely will not only visit his famous house and gardens, but also the Musée des Impressionismes and stroll through the town of Giverny.

Lauwers Royal Class 2

As it is a long drive we have to depart early for this trip. We will travel with a 4* luxury bus with comfort seats and extra leg space. There is an on-board toilet, a DVD-system with three flatscreens, and air conditioning. If our group exceeds 50 people we will arrange a Royal Class double-decker with even more leg space and leg rests (like above). Maybe a great reason to invite your friends and colleague to join us for this unique spring destination.

Giverny Resto

Giverny TERRASSE-NYMPHEAS-1000x367

© Restaurant Les Nymphéas

Upon arrival we will first have lunch in the restaurant Les Nymphéas right next to the Monet estate. We have arranged a simple menu of €24.  Due to the extremely high number of people visiting the gardens, and the absolute need to reserve tables, the restaurant can only offer 1 set group menu of a main dish (Poulet Vallée d’Auge), a dessert (Tarte aux Griottes with Chantilly), a 1/4 of wine, mineral water and a coffee. If you are vegetarian or have other special dietary needs, you can indicate so during checkout. They will do their best to provide an alternative.

Giverny MB logo

At the end of our lunch we will be welcomed by two official guides that can take groups around the Monet estate (included in the price fo everyone!). During a guided tour of up to 1,5 hours they will tell us all about Monet’s live and work. During our visit we will realise why these places inspired the master of Impressionism. You will cross the famous Japanese bridge and stroll around the waterlily pond to observe the ever changing reflections on the water surface. Then we will get back to the Clos Normand, the gorgeous flower garden blooming from spring to fall. You will learn how Monet himself designed it by applying his skills for painting to gardening.

Giverny monet-18578_960_720

© Andrew Horne (own work), via WikimediaCommons

© Andrew Horne (own work), via WikimediaCommons

The Waterlily Pond, green harmony

Giverny Monet – The Waterlily Pond, green harmony


The flower that inspired his most famous pantings

Clos de Normand | © PackShot - Fotolia.com

Clos de Normand | © PackShot – Fotolia.com

Clos de Normand | © PackShot - Fotolia.com

Clos de Normand | © PackShot – Fotolia.com

We will walk through the gardens where the Master painted so often, including the waterlilies pond with the green bridge that inspired him for so many paintings. This is literally the closest you can be to his phenomenal works of art. Right. On. The. Spot. Where. The. Master. Himself. Painted!

Giverny Monet's house, photo Ariane Cauderlier MonetshomeGiverny

Monet’s house | © Ariane Cauderlier, giverny-impression.com

Giverny The kitchen in Monet's home, photo Ariane Cauderlier

Kitchen | © Ariane Cauderlier, giverny-impression.com

Giverny Monet's dining-room, photo Ariane Cauderlier

Dining-room | © Ariane Cauderlier, giverny-impression.com

Giverny Claude Monet's bedroom, photo Ariane Cauderlier

Bedroom | © Ariane Cauderlier, giverny-impression.com

Giverny The first studio of Monet, photo Ariane Cauderlier

Monet’s first studio | © Ariane Cauderlier, giverny-impression.com

Giverny The blue sitting room, photo Ariane Cauderlier

Blue sitting room | © Ariane Cauderlie, giverny-impression.com

After the tour ends you will be invited to check out Monet’s house to see how he lived and worked. It’s a very nice house with colourful decorations as you can see on the pictures above. “Claude Monet lived in his home at Giverny for forty-three years, from 1883 to 1926. During this very long time, he layed out the house to his own tastes, adapting it to the needs of his family and professional life.” The house looks exactly as it did on Monet’s times, with the studio-sitting-room, Monet’s and Alice’s bedrooms, the yellow dining-room with its surprising collection of Japanese woodblocks and the kitchen decorated with blue tiles. Our guide will tell you about the way Monet transformed it to his own style. Thanks to many details about Monet’s family life in this very place you will take a leap backwards to the 19th Century. (source http://giverny.org/monet/home/)

© Mdig (own work), via WIkimedia Commons

© Mdig (own work), via WIkimedia Commons

Giverny has much more to offer than Monet’s house and gardens. There is a superb impressionism museum. Since a visit to this village is not complete without seeing also this art institution, your trip ticket includes the entrance fees for the museum and its gardens.

Due to the extremely positive feedback we received last years about the guided tour we offered in the museum (attended by almost everyone) we are also offering the tour this year. For 2018 the museum has a new exhibition on Japanese Impressionism. “The opening of trade and diplomatic links with Japan in 1868 enabled Western artists to discover artistic forms that were radically different from those they had been taught for centuries. Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painters were sensitive to the refinement of an art that reflected their own aspirations, paving the way for a veritable artistic revolution. The exhibition will feature around 120 paintings and prints, from Monet to Bonnard” (source Musée des Impressionisms). Note that we can only offer spots to the first 50 people! First come, first serve.

Giverny Monet - The Waterlily Pond, green harmony

We spend also the early evening hours in Giverny to enjoy the good life. Just walk around, go to a nice bar, enjoy a good diner. We return to Brussels around 21h00 and arrive there around 01h00. What a great way to spend this mid-summer Saturday!

We understand this is a very long day, but trust us that it’s worth it. Our guests from 2016 and 2017 agreed that this is the best way to fully experience this Monet destination. Due to the very late arrival, we will stop anywhere along the route Gare du Midi > Place Schuman. After Schuman we can also stop at Merode, Montgomery, Diamant, Meiser and Evere (main streets only). For those living farther away, we will do our best to coordinate shared rides. If you are worried about coming back, please just contact us by email at info@expatclub.org.

The Clos Normand house of Claude Monet garden Famous French impressionist painter 1840 1926 Giverny Normandy France

The Clos Normand house of Claude Monet | © ivoha13 – Fotolia.com

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