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  • Sunday 18 April 2021

  • From 08h30 until 21h00

  • Betuwe orchard region, The Netherlands

  • Transportation by 4* luxury coach

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Events start in 4 days and 15 hours
179 out of 200 available PR-BLOSSOM

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This trip is not yet confirmed due to the current international travel-restrictions by the Belgian government. We may therefore shift this trip by 1 week. You can now pre-reserve your spot and we will keep you informed about the developments. If you were on our 2020 list you can transfer for free to the 2021 edition. 


Did you ever want to see the famous cherry blossoms in Japan? And each year you realise that flying to the land of the rising sun is a bit beyond your budget and would put too much stress on your available holidays. Well, this year you are in luck because Expat Club has a great solution for you. This special blossom trip leads us to Holland’s fruit garden De Betuwe (or Batavia in English). This scenic flat piece of land lies between the big rivers the Waal and the Lower Rhine and is known for its many orchards. We’ll be making a lovely bus trip over winding dike roads and through numerous blossoming apple, pear and cherry trees.

This time of year the blossoms are just spectacular, so you’re in for a big flowery treat! We start our trip in the picturesque town Woudrichem, then have a nice buffet lunch in Holland’s most famous hotel chain, walk around an old castle with many apple trees, look over the big Waal river from a dike with windmill, drive through many orchards, visit the Dutch Royal village Buren, drive over the famous Apple Dike with trees on both sides and finish the day in Holland’s glassblowing town in the middle of the Betuwe.


What is included?

  • Trip by 4* luxury coach
  • Bottled water during the outbound journey
  • Great buffet lunch with cold and warm options, including juices, milk, coffee/tea
  • Visit to Woudrichem, old fortified town with unique windmill
  • Walk along Slot Loevestein, Holland’s most famous medieval castle
  • Walk around the Waardenburg Castle with large apple trees and scenic view over the Waal River
  • Stop at the castle town hall of Neerijnen and its small herbs gardens
  • Bus tour through the Betuwe region, along many orchards
  • Visit to Buren, the Dutch Royal Village
  • Drive over famous Appeldijk, a small scenic dike-road with apple trees on both sides
  • Visit to Leerdam, Holland’s glass & cheese town
  • Great group of international people
  • A lifetime expat memory

Coach pick-up points

Place Schuman, Brussels (bus stop next to KBC Bank on roundabout)

Who can join?

Expat Club is known for welcoming a wide variety of international people on its trips. This creates a special, open-minded, safe and friendly environment in which everyone should feel comfortable.

  • Members & non-members
  • Expats & (international) Belgians
  • All ages, including children
  • Singles / couples / retirees / friends / colleagues / families

How to add a child ticket?

Expat Club loves welcoming young expats, too! If you want to bring your child(ren) up until 18 years, please first add the regular adult ticket(s) to the cart and then go to the cart page. On the cart page, there is a child ticket available for €65. This ticket includes the buffet lunch as well.



As with all Expat Club trips, this day has been carefully planned so we can optimally enjoy all destinations. The below schedule stays tentative of course because of traffic conditions and possible road closures. But generally our schedules are rather precise.

09h00 – Departure time at Place Schuman
11h00 – Visit Woudrichem, old fortified town
11h15 – Walk along Loevestein Castle, famous medieval castle
12h15 – Lunch Van der Valk Hotel Zaltbommel
13h15 – Betuwe cherry blossom bus tour
13h00 – Walk around Waardenburg Castle, Waal dike and Nerijnen Castle
14h45 – Visit Buren village
16h15 – Drive towards Leerdam (incl. Appeldijk)
17h00 – Free time in Leerdam
19h00 – Departure to Brussels
21h00 – Return to Brussels


Map Betuwe

We won’t travel too much today, probably less than 100km between Woudrichem and the end point Gorinchem, but we will take smaller roads that lead along some picturesque towns, many old farmhouses, countless orchards and some castles and fortresses. | © Google maps


Betuwe Waal River

From the dike near Waardenburg castle we’ll be having a superb view over the Waal River. | Rudmer Zwerver – Shutterstock

De Betuwe

The “Batavia” region, or “Betuwe” in Dutch is a historical region in the middle of the Netherlands. Already in the Roman periods it was known to be very fertile land as it lies in between the main Dutch rivers of the Rhine and the Maas (la Meuse).


Buren orphanage

The orphanage in the Royal village of Buren | © R. de Bruijn Photography – Shutterstock

We will drive along many nice roads with great views on the big rivers, smaller streams, orchards, several castles, windmills, and lovely villages, including the idyllic Buren, a town that has very close connections to the Dutch Royal family.


The Betuwe region does not only have fruit orchards, but also beautiful landscapes and estates, such as De Marienwaerdt with its beautiful lane of Walnut trees.


During the day we will drive by many orchards and stop in a few places to enjoy the scenery, take pictures, go for a walk, or discover another lovely village. Let yourself be surprised with this incredibly scenic region of the Netherlands, while being with a group of lovely international people. Just a perfect day!




We depart at 08h30 from Place Schuman (bus stop next to the KBC bank) and travel with a modern 4* coach with extra leg space, reclining comfort seats, an on-board toilet, AC and several flat screen TVs.

We collaborate with one of the top Belgium coach companies that can steer us safely over the smaller roads the leads us along the many orchards. As with every trip, a professional driver will accompany us the entire day. So we suggest to just sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside!




We will start our blossoms trip with a healthy lunch in Holland’s favourite hotel chain, the Van der Valk hotel in Zaltbommel. This chain is known for its big breakfasts, lunches and dinners with its many choices. The lunch is already included in the trip fee (various veg options available). Its’ a great way to get to know some other people on our trip.

Live & cooking lunch menu

seasonal soup
various warm dishes (croquet, egg dish, pasta)
various breads and rolls
various cheeses
various confectionaries
fresh fruits
milk, orange juice, coffee/tea

9 or more spots left

Events start in 4 days and 15 hours
179 out of 200 available PR-BLOSSOM

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9 or more spots left

Events start in 4 days and 15 hours
179 out of 200 available PR-BLOSSOM

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