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  • Saturday 14 September 2019

  • From 07h00 until 23h30

  • La Côte d’Opal, Northern France

  • Transportation by 4* luxury coach

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One of our most beloved trips, and back on the calendar for the second time since 2017 after 6 amazing trips! The beautiful Côte d’Opale, with its magnificent coastal landscape, begins just two hours outside of Brussels. This part of the French coastline received its name for its bright iridescent light. It stretches out about 120 kilometers from the Belgian border to Picardy. The 40 kilometers between the cities of Calais and Boulogne sur Mer are the most spectacular, and that is exactly the part of the country that we are going to discover.

Besides wonderful wide beaches (with low tide), rolling hills with yellow flowers, and lovely little towns, it is known for two spectacular viewpoints, the Cap Blanc Nez and the Cap Griz Nez. You can even wave to England from there! We top this with visits to the harbour cities of Dunkirk and Calais, the Vauban-walled town of Gravelines, the resort town Wimereux with its many Art Nouveau houses, and the historic city of Boulogne sur Mer. This is truly a superb day out! You can read here what one of our participants wrote about it.

You can also join an optional 15km hike from Cap Blanc Nez to Cap Griz Nez, a true classic! It leads over both capes, along the coast, over the beach, through a nice resort town and rural roads.


What's included?

  • Transportation by 4* luxury coach
  • Bottled water on outbound journey
  • Visits to various places along the Opal Coast
  • A great group of international people
  • A lifetime memory

Coach pick-up points

  • Place Schuman (bus stop next to KBC Bank on roundabout)
  • Metro Yser (long bus stop on main road leading to Basilique)
  • Metro Simonis (long bus stop on main road leading to Basilique)
  • Basilique (corner main roads behind the church)
  • Basilix Shopping Center (long bus stop on main road leading to highway)

Who can join?

Expat Club is known for welcoming a wide variety of international people on its trips. This creates a special, open-minded, safe and friendly environment in which everyone should feel comfortable.

  • Members & non-members
  • Expats & (international) Belgians
  • All ages, including children
  • Singles / couples / retirees / friends / colleagues / families
  • Foreign tourists

Child tickets available

Expat Club loves welcoming the youngest expats! If you want to bring your child(ren) up until 18 years, please first add the regular adult ticket(s) to the cart and then go to the cart page. On the cart page, there is a child ticket available for just €40 (lunch can be ordered during the day). This trip is particularly interesting for kids, with several stops, interesting viewpoints, ships, sea, and old towns.

Your trip in pictures


As with all Expat Clup trips, our program for today is carefully designed with realistic driving times. There will, of course, be enough time to visit all destinations, but since we travel on small routes along the coast, much depends on traffic conditions. The past six trips all worked out really well, but please keep in mind the below schedule is only a rough indication as times may change during the day.

07h00 Departure Brussels
09h15 Dunkirk
10h30 Gravelines
12h00 Calais
14h15 Cap Blanc Nez
15h30 Cap Griz Nez
16h00 Wimereux
18h30 Boulogne sur Mer
20h30 Departure to Brussels
23h30 Arrival Brussels

Alternative hiking program
The bus, program and route are virtually the same as the regular program. You will be travelling with the group to Calais, but instead of spending time there (with lunch), the bus will bring you to Cap Blanc Nez. After you walk for about 4 hours (including resting), the bus will pick you up again at Cap Griz Nez. You will rejoin the group in Wimereux where you will still have some time to enjoy this historic little resort town.

12h00 – Calais
12h15 – Cap Blanc Nez
14h00 – Wissant
16h30 – Cap Griz Nez
17h00 – Wimereux

Note that as group of hikers you will need to navigate to Cap Griz Nez on your own, but rest assured it’s not difficult as you can virtually always see the final destination. You will need to take water, lunch and snacks with you. You need to be fit for this hike; it’s medium difficulty.


Our comfortable 4* coach will take us along the Opal Coast.


Today we leave early so we can make the best of the day. We depart from Place Schuman at 07h00 by luxury 4* coach with reclining seats. You can also get on board at Metro Yser, Metro Simonis, Basilique or Basilix Shopping Center. We know this is early, but we simply need the time to visit various spots along the coast and give you enough time to relax and enjoy the views and touristic places. The bus has an on-board toilet, a DVD system with flatscreens, air conditioning and comfortable chairs with extra leg space. Since this day is rather long, we’ll bring two professional drivers, in line with EU regulations.


Small fishing boats are driven into the sea, near Cap Griz Nez


A park next to the walled Old Town


The fishing harbour of Boulogne sur Mer


The lighthouse of Boulogne sur Mer.

ID:71138from:(1554242400)2019-04-02to:(1567893599)2019-09-07esd:(2019-09-14 23:30:00)2019-09-14 23:30:00
9 or more spots leftFrom €97,50 now €82,50
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ID:71138from:(1554242400)2019-04-02to:(1567893599)2019-09-07esd:(2019-09-14 23:30:00)2019-09-14 23:30:00


9 or more spots leftFrom €97,50 now €82,50 Early bird ends in 14 days and 6 hours
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