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Planetarium & Observatory

Saturday 25 March | 16h00 - 21h30
Planetarium of Brussels
, Boechoutlaan 10, Brussels,

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guided tour, lecture, movie, entrance fees, pizza & drinks, entrance fees, great group of international people, a lifetime memory
2nd planetarium movie
Child ticket available:
Yes, for up to 16 years (€25), First add regular ticket(s) and then select child tickets on cart page.
You can book as long as the [Book now] button is still active, even the evening before departure., For more (last-minute) information don't hesitate to mail us at info@expatclub.org or call 0495-345144.
Practical information for participants:

You can book as long as the [Book now] button is active, even an hour before the start of the event (14h50 or 15h50 depending on whether you see 2 movies or just 1 movie). For last-minute info call 0495-345144. More practical information can be found here (for participants only)

© 3drenderings - Fotolia.com

© 3drenderings – Fotolia.com

One of the good things about living in Brussels (or Belgium for that matter) is that there are many things to do around here that you normally wouldn’t do. Today Expat Club has organised another fascinating event. We watch an amazing full-dome movie about the origin of stars in the Planetarium of Brussels, followed by a private visit to MIRA, the space observatory in Grimbergen.

The Planetarium of Brussels is a magical place where we will discover the beauty of the starry sky. Beneath a semi-spherical dome, we embark on a journey where the canopy of heaven, panoramic landscapes and astronomical images blend together.

© Royal Observatory of Belgium

It is one of Europe’s largest Planetariums with a completely redesigned projection hall and a state-of-the-art projection system made up of eight of the latest technology video-projectors providing coverage for the entire dome which is 23 metres in diameter, covering 840 m2.

Thanks to an astronomy database containing more than 100.000 stars, it’s possible to travel among the planets, to fly above Mars or even approach the rings of Saturn! And why would we stop there? Do you dare to go beyond the limits of the solar system, even the Milky Way! Would you be tempted to explore the extremities of the Universe?

We will be watching the 40 minute full-dome movie called the “Solar Superstorm”. You’ll be amazed with how impressive it is to see the full sun around you in perfect HD-quality. Here is a short teaser of what you are about to see.

If you know already beforehand that you are going to enjoy like a cold drink on a hot summer day, why don’t you just come an hour earlier to see the movie Violent Universe? You can indicated during checkout you would like to join (surcharge €7).

After the planetarium visit we’ll be going to the MIRA, the observatory in Grimbergen. Since it is not easy to reach we would like to ask you to come by car (if you have one) and to take one or more people with you. There is a bus, but it will take about 30-45 minutes to get there.

From about 18h00 to 21h00 we visit MIRA, the Civil Space Observatory in Grimbergen, just North of Brussels. We have the great opportunity for a private visit with one or more expert guides. They will not only be able to tell us all we ever wanted to know about the sun, planets and stars, but also about space exploration in general and the latest research.

It goes without saying we also talk about the recent incredible comet landing, as well as the current space programs, European and international collaborations and many more subjects. Come with your questions prepared and you will have a fascinating evening, or simply be amazed with all the new things that you will learn.

Depending on the weather we will spend more or less time on the rooftop of MIRA, where several telescopes are installed and our guides will explain us more about what we see above our heads. Of course we will get the chance to look through the installations ourselves to gaze into space. What we will see depends primarily on the weather, but since we arrive at dusk, we can see the moon, the rise of Venus, followed by Jupiter and consequently deep space bodies.

Location & transportation: the Planetarium is not far from the Atomium and can be easily reached by metro. However, to get from there to MIRA it takes about 45 minutes by bus and foot. We have plenty time in between to do so, but in case you do have a car available, it would be great if you could give a ride to one or more other participants. The distance is only about 6 kilometer and it is kindly requested to those getting a ride to chip in a few euro. You can indicate your situation while checking out. Thank you in advance for your help.

© pictures: Planetarium of Brussels & MIRA Observatory

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  1. Wanda

    one question concerning the Civil Space Observatory in Grimbergen: Do you have a clue if the group will be guided in English or French? I’d like to take my son with me, but he doesn’t speak English….

    1. Edgar Post author

      Hello Wanda. It will be in English, like all other events. Only when we have a really big group we may arrange a 2nd or 3rd guide that speaks french, but otherwise it’s always English. It’s too bad that it will be hard for him to understand the presentation then.

    2. Edgar Post author

      It will be in English Wanda. There is no possibility nor time unfortunately to translate it into french 🙁