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Stunning Switzerland

Sunday 29 July | 07h30 to Sunday 05 August | 21h30
, Switzerland

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Coach pick-up point:
Place Schuman, Leuven highway (at request)
trip by 4* coach, on-board drinks and snacks, scenic bus tour, 6 nights in 3* hotels, including breakfast, great group of international people, a lifetime memory
entrance fees, guided tours, lunches, dinners
Child ticket available:
Please contact us
You can book as long as the [Book now] button is still active, even the evening before departure., For more (last-minute) information don't hesitate to mail us at info@expatclub.org or call 0495-345144.


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This trip will open up for reservations probably by 23 February. You can pre-register until then. This is for free and without obligations. We put your name on a special mailing list and inform you the first. You will also receive a special discount code. In 2017 and 2018 we received a combined interest of over 80 people, but we can only offer 40 spots for this trip since we travel by luxury Royal Class with very much leg space and leg rests, all for your comfort.



Did you always want to visit Switzerland? Here is your chance. Join Expat Club on a unique visit to this amazing country. We visit the most historic Swiss cities, the most scenic regions and the most impressive mountain tops. Lets discover many incredibly beautiful places together and learn about the things this Alpine country is famous for. We travel by super comfortable Royal Class coach (2018 model!) so you can enjoy this trip optimally. We stay in good hotels and designed a great program for you. This will be a trip never to forget!


Global program
We set this trip up in a somewhat flexible way. The reason is that a too rigid schedule with too many fixed program points may be very disadvantageous because cloudy weather conditions may make the “mountain” days not so interesting (no visibility = no fun). Therefore we want to keep some flexibility. However, the below schedule gives a good idea about what you can expect. We do our very best to optimally enjoy our time and to see as many things as possible.

Day 1
Trip to Switzerland, 3* Holiday Inn Express in Zürich (3 nights, including breakfast). We depart on Sunday to prevent getting stuck in traffic on the busy Saturday.

Day 2 or 3
In the morning we visit one of the cities with the highest quality of living in the world: Zürich. FYI, it’s also one of the most expensive place to live, but that aside…. We make a bus tour around the city and of course visit the old town itself. It’s great to walk along the river and the beautiful lake. It’s a true warm up for the rest of the day and the rest of the trip!


Immaculate and super expensive Zürich

In the afternoon we continue by bus to visit a few other places in this region of the country, including the large Einsiedeln abbey, the historic city of Sankt Gallen, with its highly ranked University, and the picturesque Appenzell region with the famous Swiss cows.



You’ll certainly totally fall in love with Switzerland on your very first day of the trip. And as an extra bonus you’ll be invited to score another “country point” by driving with us through micro-state Liechtenstein.

The impressively large Bénédictine Abbey of Einsiedeln | by Hofec (own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Appenzeller cows

Seealp See in Appenzell

Score another “country point” in Liechtenstein

Stiftskirche St. Gallen | by Petar MARJANOVIC (own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen | by Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen (own work), via Wikimedia Commons


Day 2 or 3
We spend the day a little bit more South from Zürich in the Vierwaldstätter region. Its stunning lake has four “arms” and many sharp bends, a rather complicated shape compared to most other Swiss lakes. It’s situated between various mountains and on its coastline you will find many lovely cities and smaller villages.

Of course we visit the largest city of Lucerne (or Luzern in Swiss German). Like Zürich it is a rather rich town, with many exclusive hotels and shops. No wonder, because the location is amazing at the very end of one of the arms.


Lucerne, one of the most beautiful Swiss cities

The historic Kapellbrücke on the Reuss river

There are many things to do in this region, and it’s up to you how you would like to spend your time here. During checkout you can indicate your preference, so possibly we can organise guided tours there. For instance:

  • Sonnenbergtunnel: an underground complex for 20.000 civilians in case a nuclear war would break out.
  • Verkehrshaus: a top-rated museum dedicated to transportation
  • Vierwaldstättersee boot tours: magnificent boat rides on the lake, with a possible crossing to the city of Brunnen where you can visit the Victorinox museum.
  • Pilatus Mountain Top: with a superb 360 degrees view over the city, the lake and the wider region (with the very high mountains as well)

The scenic Vierwaldstättersee with its four arms

Make a beautiful boat ride to the other side of the lake

In the later afternoon we plan to continue our journey to one of the most famous Swiss mountain tops, the Titlis. This is an option visit and you may decide to stay behind in Lucerne to spend more time there or on the lake, or you may just go for some hiking in Engelberg, the base station for the Titlis mountain.

Engelberg lies in the middle of the higher Swiss mountains

Titlis Mountain
At 3.238 meters altitude the Titlis is the most impressive mountain in the Lucerne region (CHF 92). It of course offers stunning views, but what makes this mountain top so special is the rotating cable car. At the top you can visit the beautiful blue Glacier Cave, take the Ice Flyer chairlift over the snowcapped mountain (+ 12 CHF) and if you dare the Titlis Cliff Walk, Europe’s highest suspension bridge 500 meters above the ground. You can find us  in the restaurant! 😉

Panoramic view from Titlis | © Dmitry Pistrov – Fotolia.com

We take the cable car up to 3.238 meters | © oscity – Fotolia.com

The glacier cave at the top of Titlis | © Henryk Sadura – Fotolia.com

For daredevils only, 500 meters above the ground | © amnach – Fotolia.com


Day 4: the best transfer day ever
Today we need to travel from the heat of Switzerland to the Southern Wallis / Valais region, which is half German and half French speaking. But instead of just spending time on the highway, we will travel over the most impressive mountain roads of Europe.

We will be crossing 2 mountain passes, the Süstenpass and the Grimselpass, before we reach the village of Fiesch, our final destination of the day. We stay in nice 3* hotels at the foot of the mountain.

The Sustenpass leads us to over 2.200 meters above sea level

The spectacular Grimsel & Furka Passes | by Cooper.ch (own work), via Wikimedia Commons

The spectacular Grimsel & Furka Passes | by Cooper.ch (own work), via Wikimedia Commons

The Oberaarsee lake

Famous Grimselhospiz at Grimselpass | © Waldteufel – Fotolia.com

During the day you may opt for two visit, namely a Hydro-electric plant or a super steep mountain train (Gelmerbahn). In the checkout process you can decide what you prefer. We will only make reservations once we are certain the weather conditions will be beneficial for these visits.

Don’t look down if you can’t stand heights… | by Kecko (own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, it’s that steep! | by Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG (own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Day 5: Aletsch Glacier & Zermatt
We begin our day early in the village of Fiesch, at least for those who want, because at 8h25 we go up the Eggishorn. With 2.975 meters it is certainly a very high mountain top, but with many “four-thousanders” around it you are not going up here for the altitude. It’s the views that are so spectacular. From the Eggishorn you will have an awesome panorama over the mega Aletsch glacier that runs all the way from the famous Jungfrau to deep into the valley. This visit is optional, and obviously only worth it if the weather is good, but for those who stay behind, you can stay in the village, or just go up half-way the mountain to Fiescheralp. You can indicate during checkout what you prefer.


Aletsch Glacier, you can literally hear the ice moving from a distance.

In the later morning we travel onward to probably the highlight of our Switzerland trip, the amazing car-free mountain village of Zermatt. Needless to say that this place is forever connected to the awe inspiring Matterhorn, one of the worlds steepest, most dangerous and most iconic mountain tops.


Matterhorn, possibly the world’s most iconic mountain

In Zermatt we stay in a highly rated 3* hotel at just 5 minutes walking from the centre and the railway. That’s handy, because the bus has to stay behind in the lower village Täsch, so we won’t have to walk too far with our luggage when we arrive by train. Also it is good as many of us are likely to go up the famous Gornergrat with the Gornergratbahn (+ 92 CHF).

Endless exploring in green/white Zermatt

Gornergratbahn Zermatt
A trip to the Gornergrat (3.089 meters) is unforgettable. Not only is it one of the most scenic train rides in the world, but the views from the top are over-the-top breathtaking. If the weather is good, we advise everyone to take this ride up! A ticket costs 96 CHF.

Gornergrat near Zermatt | by Johnw (own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Gornergrat near Zermatt | by Johnw (own work), via Wikimedia Commons

The Gornergratbahn, facing the North side of the Valais valley

Zermatt Glacier Paradise
Another amazing ride. In fact, this one leads you to the highest reachable point in Europe by cable car at a whopping 3.833 meters. You can see many “four-thousanders” (mountain tops over 4.000 m high), including the Breithorn (4,164 m), the Gran Paradiso (4.061 m) in Italy, and of course the Mont Blanc (4,810 m) in France, the Alp’s highest mountain. Also this one is highly recommended. The price is 96 CHF.

Zermatt’s Glacier Paradise, it just doesn’t get any higher than this | © Puk Visarut – Fotolia.com


Towards the Kleiner Matterhorn, the highest point reachable by cable car in Europe. Stunning views of Italy guaranteed! | by Papa Lima Whiskey 2, KleinMatterhorn,jpg


Things can ALWAYS get better! Fly with us around the Matterhorn and to the Jungfrau. Champagne included!

Helicopter ride Zermatt
You thought it doesn’t get any better? What about flying over the glaciers around Zermatt and around the Matterhorn itself? This is truly unforgettable! Of course it comes at a price, namely 220 CHF for 20 minutes, 320 CHF for 30 minutes and 420 CHF for 40 minutes. In fact, if enough people interested, we may even rent a helicopter for a longer flight from Zermatt to that other world-famous Swiss mountain top, the Jungfrau. On the way we’ll enjoy stunning views of the Aletsch glacier and several other mountain tops. Of course we’ll land at the Jungfrau and spend some time there to enjoy the views, before we get back on our private chopper. The costs would be about 450 CHF per person. You can indicate during checkout whether you are interested, but actual bookings will be handled separately. First come, first serve.

Getting her by bus takes too long and the usual train ride also costs 200 CHF (with huge lines in summer), so why not just fly to the Jungfrau? That’s much more comfortable 🙂

Day 6: From Zermatt to Bern
We leave Zermatt only after lunch, so you can spend the morning you like to (incl. the Gornergrat, the Glacier Paradise or a chopper ride). We drive down again to the Wallis region and soon end up in the French speaking part where we drive by Switzerland’s largest Lake, the Lac Leman or Lake of Geneva. The North side of the lake is Swiss and the South side is French.

The beautiful Lac Leman or Lake of Geneva | © Elenarts – Fotolia.com

We make a short stop in the beautiful town of Montreux for a little stroll on the edge of the lake, which is world famous for its Jazz festival. One of its main tourist attractions is the medieval Chillon Castle. We may optionally visit this castle, depending on the time available after our trip from Zermatt.

the Chillon Castle near Montreux | by Zacharie Grossen (own work), via Wikimedia Commons

A final look at Lac Leman before we travel North again, with France on the left and Switzerland on the right | by Schnäggli (own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Day 7
On our final day we will wake up again in a nice 3* hotel near Basel, before we return to Brussels. We may make a short stop of 1,5 – 2 hours along the way, but the destination is not yet known and depends on traffic and weather conditions.

We travel with a luxurious 34-seat bus, agile enough to get us through those mountain passes

We will be travelling with a brand-new 4* luxury coach in Royal Class configuration. This coach offers considerably more space than almost all buses in Belgium and it’s about as good as it gets!

During this trip we will be staying in good and well-rated modern or authentically local 3* hotels in Zürich, Fiesch, Zermatt and Basel. Breakfast is included. We put a lot of effort into finding high quality hotels that are both somewhat affordable (Switzerland is crazy expensive), have a good location and give you the real Switzerland experience.

We will be offering the following rooms that you can select upon checkout. All rooms have an ensuite bathroom with toilet and shower / bath.

  • Single rooms (one bed, often a double bed, for a surcharge)
  • Double rooms (one double bed, for couples. Note we cannot guarantee this because many Swiss hotels offer “twin rooms”)
  • Twin rooms (two single beds, for 2 friends sharing and for our room-sharing option that allows you to share the room with another lady or gentleman to avoid the single room surcharge)
  • Triple / family rooms (these have either three single beds, or one double and a single, depending on the hotel. If you are interested, please let us know)

Room sharing
We offer special twin rooms for those who would like to share a room with 2 single beds. This could be for 2 friends or colleagues who already know each other, or for solo travellers who prefer not to spend extra money on a single room. We introduce all solo ladies to each other, and of course also all the gentlemen. This means that Expat Club does NOT assign you to a room, but you decide yourself with who you would like to share a room. From previous trips we can conclude that many people like this extra service a lot.

This trip is excellent for families. We would like to make sure that you will get the proper rooms (eventually larger family rooms) and that you get the right offer for your children.

Optional visits
There are many very nice things to do and visit in Switzerland that are for free, it is just one big open-air museum. However, for the most spectacular things it will unfortunately cost some money. As written above, many of these places are only worth it with the right weather conditions. Therefore we will NOT charge you in advance for any additional visits at the time of booking. However, you can indicate whether you would like to join or not upon checkout. This way we will have a good idea of who wants to go where. During the trip, if weather forecasts are positive, you can confirm joining us with a card or cash payment. You can change your mind until we confirm our visit, so don’t feel pressured to join the group if you would rather do something else or spend your money on other things.

Comments & special terms

  • The trip will be carried out by our trusted coach partner Lauwers Reizen.
  • This trip is carefully planned. Still, all timings and schedules indicative and may change if required by circumstances such as weather conditions.
  • The trip is sold as a package. You cannot go with your own transportation and arrange your own accommodation. If there are specific things that you do not want in the package, please let us know and we may consider a small discount.
  • You are personally responsible for getting a good travel and/or cancellation insurance that covers you for any unforeseen emergencies and medical expenses during the trip.
  • You are personally responsible for using the hotel room in an appropriate way. Any missing or broken items will be billed after the trip.
  • Expat Club cannot be held liable for long delays that influence the program (e.g. missed guided tours, traffic d-tours and delays), neither can Expat Club be held liable for weather-related cancellations or any other unforeseen events that influence the course of the trip, including, but not limited to technical problems with the coach, strikes, weather etc.
  • Expat Club cannot be held liable for personal injuries during the trip, such as, but not limited to, things that happen during mountain walks.
  • If you do not find a room partner on your own, we will find one for you (male/male, female/female). We organise at least one get-together before the trip so you can meet the other travellers. Also, during the outbound trip we will connect you with others in the same position. If you decide to take a single room during the trip, then you will have to fully pay for it yourself.
  • If you book a double / twin room and your travel partner cancels, you will have to pay the single room supplement.
  • Expat Club may “upgrade” or “downgrade” you to another hotel. In case of a downgrade, you will be refunded the surcharge. However, we have never done so in the past and it is certainly not our policy.

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