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In January we organised the below trip. It was sold out well before the day itself with many people on the waitlist. Therefore we have decided to already schedule a new trip on Sunday 16 September. You can now pre-register for free and without obligations. As soon as we are sure about the program, because some things will change (e.g. the exhibitions in the Noordbrabants Museum won’t be there anymore), we will inform everyone on the pre-registration list first. So feel free to leave your name and email address in the fields above and below. 


The following information applies to our previous trip on 14 January.

The visit in Nuenen was excellent, the guides very professional and very fond of their jobs. And also the visit in the museum. The film, just amazing, great, fantastic, highly recommended.

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most admired artists. But how much do you know about his life? During this day trip from Brussels we travel to three places in the Province of North Brabant in Holland. We visit the place where he was born and grew up, Zundert. We also go to the village of Nuenen where Van Gogh lived for several years and painted about 25% of his entire oeuvre, including famous paintings such as “The Potato Eaters”. And finally we visit a museum in Den Bosch with two special Van Gogh exhibitions. As cherry on the top you can join us to see the amazing movie Loving Vincent.

The Van Gogh House in Zundert, a centre dedicated to his youth and upbringing | by G. Lanting (own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Zundert – Vincent’s birthplace
We depart at 7h45 in the morning from Place Schuman by luxury 4* coach. It’s a bit on the early side, but the issue is that we need the time to visit all destinations before the movie starts later in the afternoon… After just an hour we’ll arrive in Zundert, a village just across the Dutch border. We visit the Vincent van Gogh House. This is not a museum in the classical sense of the word, but it provides for active experiences and a stimulating presentation on the life and work of Vincent van Gogh. The permanent presentation “Vincent van Gogh – The roots of a master” stands alone, and focuses on the youth of the artist, but is also a prelude to the temporary exhibitions. The focus of those exhibitions is put on those artists from the 20th and 21st century who have been and still are inspired by Vincent van Gogh. (source: het Van Gogh Huis)


Nuenen – Vincent becoming a master
After our morning visit to Zundert, we continue towards the city of Eindhoven. Just East of this major city lies the village of Nuenen, where Vincent Van Gogh lived between 1883 and 1885. This is where he became a master painter. We learn all about his adult life in this area of the Netherlands in the Vincentre. The permanent exhibition uses audiovisual technology to tell the story of two characters: Vincent van Gogh and Nuenen. Both characters are unravelled and a love-hate relationship evolves. During your visit you will become increasingly involved in this story.

The Vincentre in Nuenen | by Provincie Noord-Brabant (own work), via WIkimedia Commons

After our visit there is time for a quick, simple but good lunch in one of the local restaurants. The menu will be posted here soon, but rest assured we always choose an affordable menu with several options, including vegetarian.

The Van Gogh church in Nuenen

We end our visit to Nuenen with a 45-60 minutes guided tour through the village and see a few of the actual places that Van Gogh eternalised on canvas, including the “little Van Gogh church”. This is maybe the best way to make his art come alive.

The famous Potato Eaters (hanging in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam)

Den Bosch – Loving Vincent
The Noordbrabants Museum is the leading museum containing the best of Brabant art and history. The museum is the only location in Brabant where actual paintings by Van Gogh can be viewed, such as the peasant women from The Potato Eaters here, his father’s parsonage and the unspoilt Brabant landscape for which Van Gogh was always homesick. During our visit there are 2 special expositions on Van Gogh.

Van Gogh Examined
Between 1884 and 1888, Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) regularly reused his canvasses. In order to gain more insight into what lies under the layers of paint, five paintings from Het Noordbrabants Museum’s permanent presentation will be subjected in the spring to examination by means of X-radiography, infrared photography, infrared reflectography and raking light photography. The exhibition Van Gogh Examined will present the results of this research.

Loving Vincent
Loving Vincent is the first painted animation film in the world. Every frame of the 94 minutes film was painted by hand. More than 65,000 pictures were painted, 12 canvasses per second. More than 125 artists bring in Loving Vincent the artist to life with their brushstrokes. It took the directors Hugh Welchman and Dorota Kobiela from Breakthru Productions a total of four years to make the film.

The exposition boasts 70 of the most beautiful works that have been used in the film, various picture fragments and presentations will show how the paintings were brought to life. Visitors to the exhibition will learn more about Vincent van Gogh, his life and the unique way in which the film was made.

Loving Vincent: the first fully painted movie
We will watch the movie in Den Bosch. It is already included in the price but it is optional, so you don’t have to join. Alternatively you could stay a bit longer in the museum, visit the Jeroen Bosch museum or explore the city a bit more. In that case, simply apply the code MOVIE10 and €10 will be deducted from the ticket price. After the movie we’ll return to Brussels, where we should arrive around 20h30.

The movie offers a unique glimpse behind the scenes of the making of the much discussed, painted, animation film about Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). Seventy of the most beautiful pictures painted for the film will be coming to ’s-Hertogenbosch. It will be the first and, as of today, only place in the world where a unique exhibition will be dedicated to the remarkable production.

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