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  • Monday 30 March 2020

  • 19h30 until 21h30 (doors open 19h00)

  • The Louise Centre, Avenue Louise 279

  • Buses 38 and 60 (Louise), tram 8 or 93 (Vleurgat)

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Expat Club would like to invite you for a professional workshop on protocol. Learn from Protocolbureau, Europe’s leading protocol expert, how to use modern protocol management. This workshop will focus on important stakeholders and other VIP’s. In this workshop protocol is used to manage an important visit; the development of a suitable programme and guest list, the choice of the right gifts, the duties of the host(ess), greeting procedures, the speech, flags, signing ceremonies and seating arrangements.

The first part of the workshop will be a recap of the workshop of 20 November; the basics of protocol. In the second part, we will ask you to use modern protocol management to develop the outlines of the important visit. Please contact us if you joined the earlier workshop, so you will receive a discount of €15.

This workshop will give you an insight in how high-level visits of dignitaries and other VIP’s are managed by government organisations as well as in the corporate world. You will be able to practice your insights in a real-life business case. This workshop is from the ‘Three-day Masterclass in Modern Protocol’, Protocolbureau’s training programme in Brussels that is followed by professionals from all over the world. The tutor of the workshop is Jean Paul Wijers, the founder of Protocolbureau who has over 25 years of experience with the management of high-level visits among others at the Royal Wedding of the Dutch King and Queen, the World Press Photo Awards Show and 100 Years Peace Palace.

You must pre-book a ticket for this event. Until 1 week before tickets are €35 in the early-bird offer. After that the tickets are €45. If you cannot come anymore, you can cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. Tickets at the door cost €50.


Who can join?

Expat Club events are attended by singles, couples, retirees, groups of friends or colleagues, and families (minimum age for this event is 18 years). We welcome people from all over the world with a wide variety of backgrounds. Expat Club Membership is not required to join this training.


We are meeting in the Expat Club offices in The Louise Center on Avenue Louise 279-287. You are welcome from 19h00, but we actually start at 19h30. Trams 8 and 94 stop at 1 minute walking (stop Vleurgat), but you can also take bus 38 and 60 (stop Louise). It is just a 5 to 8 minute walking from trams 7 and 81 (stops Louise), and bus 54. The Louise Center is the big building above the Carrefour (entrance 50 meters on right).

Protocolbureau was founded in 1996; our first assignment was the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Awards to H.M. the King of Spain. In preparation of the awards ceremony the Master of Ceremonies of H.M. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands gave us a lecture about protocol and a few years later he asked us to assist him at the Royal Weddings and State Funerals of the Dutch Royal Family. Protocolbureau became a leading protocol expert.

Examples of more recent experiences with high-level events and networking meeting are the World Press Photo of the Year Awards Ceremony and the King Willem I Prize, the openings of the Dutch Design Week and the TodaysArtfestival, fashion shows of numerous Dutch fashion designers, the reopening of the Rijksmuseum and Mauritshuis, networking events for captains of industry and many international UN-conferences.



Bio Jean Paul Wijers

Jean Paul Wyers is member of the board directors of Protocolbureau and the Institute of Strategic Relationship Management. In 1996 he graduated from the Hotelschool The Hague, one year after founding Protocolbureau. Between 2001 and 2009 Jean Paul Wyers worked for the Dutch Royal Family as Head Usher at the Royal Weddings, State Funerals and Royal Baptisms.

Jean Paul Wyers is one of the best European protocol experts and has been called upon to assist at numerous official events, ceremonies and networking meetings. He is also a trainer in protocol and the management of high-level events, among others in Brussels at the ‘Three-day Masterclass in Modern Protocol‘ and in The Hague at the ‘Protocoltraining‘ in Hotel Des Indes.

The unique vision of Jean Paul Wyers on contemporary protocol management is the basis of a postgraduateprogramme on strategic relationship management; Protocol translates a networking strategy into an effective meeting with the stakeholders. Jean Paul is co-author of ‘Managing Authentic Relationships‘, a book about networking and relationship management.


3-Day Masterclass

Three-day Masterclass in Modern Protocol is a basic protocol training about the management of high-level events: How to use the method of modern protocol to manage any type of high-level event, formal or informal? How to manage a visit of a high-level delegation or an event with VIP’s? How to invite and welcome dignitaries? How to be aware of the sensitivities when seating dignitaries, corporate representatives and other guests? How to navigate a formal dinner or a networking event? How to handle formal written communication, gift-giving or flag protocol?



In an increasingly connected world, Strategic Relationship Management is a vital capability for successful organizations. The book Managing Authentic Relationships; Facing New Challenges in a Changing Context focuses on building and managing a strong network and reciprocal relationships for the entire organization by implementing a professional relationship management approach at strategic, tactical and operational level. Professional relationship management makes valuable and measurable contributions to the strategic goals of an organization by: Expanding the organization’s strategy to a Relationship Management Strategy; Efficiently managing relationships and correctly mapping stakeholders; Embedding clear responsibility for relationship management throughout the organization; Measuring results and calculating the Return-on-Relationship; Developing strong networking skills and networkers who are able to act as eyes and ears for the organization; Organizing effective networking activities with measurable results. This book also offers a holistic view. Managing authentic relationships requires a shared understanding of what relationships are. It is impossible to develop successful relationship management without authentic relationships based on trust and reciprocity.

You can order the book here:


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Only 0 spots leftnow €45

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ID:82754from:()to:()esd:(2020-03-30 21:30:00)2020-03-30 21:30:00


Only 0 spots leftnow €45

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