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With the ever expanding map of trip destinations it is clear that Expat Club has gone well beyond the borders of Belgium and surrounding countries. There is much history to be discovered in our own region, including some really history that goes back two millennia or more. Think about the Roman city of Trier, the oldest city in Germany, as well as Cologne where the roman roots are not visible anymore but that also exists for over 2000 years. But also our short visit to the “Hunnebedden” in the Dutch Province of Drenthe. We see these single-chamber megalithic tomb during our trip to lovely villages of Giethoorn and Urk. These structures were built by an ancient civilizations living over 5000 years ago.

According to the dictionary, when we speak about the word ancient, the link to a past civilization that no longer exist is key. Expat Club has therefore developed a few new trips that are focused on discovering some of the most magnificent ancient destinations around the world: Egypt, Peru, Jordan, Pompeii and Athens. More to come, but we think these five places are already a great start to dive into a history that no longer exists.

The Great Pyramid of Giza | © Jeremy Red – Shutterstock

Ancient Egypt
Possibly the most famous ancient civilization, the Egyptians are known for their pyramids and elaborate burial chambers, hieroglyphs and of course the mighty pharaohs. Documented over the ages in tens of thousands of books and subject of many movies and travel shows. Visiting this country is high on the bucket list of many people around the world. During our November trip we visit the massive capital Cairo, with its Old Town and the Nile, but also the Pyramids in Giza, the pyramids of Djoser and Saqqara, Luxor with Luxor Temple and Karnak temple, and of course the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Hatshepsut. Click here for more information

The Acropolis can be seen throughout Athens | © Viacheslav Lopatin – Shutterstock

Ancient Athens
Just 1000km Northwest from Cairo is another fascinating and remarkably important ancient civilization that we would like to get to know a little bit better: the Ancient Greek. Their influence on our contemporary societies could hardly be exaggerated. The Cradle of Wester civilization, birthplace of democracy, and center of art and philosophy, Greece is a place that we must. That’s why Expat Club offers an extended weekend trip to its capital Athens with visits to the Acropolis, the temples of Zeus and Poseidon and of course world-renowned museums like the National Archeological Museum of Athens and the Acropolis Museum.

The citadel city Machu Picchu | © saiko3p – Shutterstock

Ancient Peru
Just for its nature, culture and incredibly cuisine, the South American country would be a great destination even without visiting its top attraction, the Inca citadel city of Machu Picchu, that was built in the mid 15th century high up on a mountain ridge at a height of over 2400 meters in the Andes. Only re-discovered in 1911 by American historian Hiram Bingham, it is visited by millions every year. Expat Club travels to Peru in the Spring, not only to visit Machu Picchu, but also its capital Lima, the historic cities of Arequipa and Cusco, the huge Titicaca lake and the world-famous Nazca Lines carved out in the Peruvian desert.

Pompeii was covered under a thick layer of ashes for over 1500 years.

Ancient Pompeii
Not Rome, which is another destination that we surely will put on our agenda, but “Romans”. If there is one civilization that suddenly ceased to exists, it was certainly the poor population of the ancient Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. These towns were located close to the Vesuvius, a hothead volcano located only 12km East of the Italian city Naples. Its massive eruption in 79 AD covered both cities under a thick layer of ashes. Already soon after forgotten by history, until they were rediscovered in the late 17th. Nowadays these destinations are one of the most special ancient places you can visit around the world.

Jordan Petra
Petra in the Middle Eastern country Jordan | © Aleksandra H. Kossowska – Shutterstock

Ancient Jordan
Another destination that reaches the top of many buckets lists can be found in Jordan. Petra is the world-famous city carved out from the red desert rock. Located roughly in the middle between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. Originally knows to its inhabitants as Raqmu, it was the capital of the Nabataeans from the 4th century BC, although the wider region was inhabited already many millennia before. During this trip we do not only visit the place that Indiana Jones also visited during his Last Crusade, but we will also see Jordan’s capital Amman, visit the place where Jesus Christ was baptized, the magnificent Wadi Rum desert where we will spend one night under the stars, and of course we’ll dip into the two seas, although some would prefer to read the newspaper in one of them ????

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