Expat Club at Paris Air Show

It is really unfortunate the Paris Air Show only takes place once every two years, because this is definitely one of the most impressive events on the continent. Thousands of exhibitors, over 150 special aircraft on display and an a-ma-zing air show. Expat Club managed to choose the most horrible day of the year in terms of weather, but all the rain and wind couldn’t stop us from enjoying the flight demonstrations of an unusually spectacular array of aircraft.

The Airbus A-380, the largest passenger airplane. What a graceful beauty. A short lift-off, very silent and apparently super easy to fly.

Once the largest passenger airplane. After over half a century, and only one of two remaining flying machines in the world, this magnificent plane was one of the top attractions at Bourget.

The Patrouille Acrobatique de France. Normally flying over the Champs Élysees on the 14 July, but now over Europe’s busiest business airport.

If there is one video you have to see in 1040p HD it’s this one. Fearsome and yet so agile. The Sukhoi SU-35, flown by Russia’s best test pilot Sergei. Okay, admitted, this footage was not taken on the day Expat Club visited the Paris Air Show but a few days earlier when the weather was better. Our group was offered a shorter and less spectacular version of this amazing demonstration due to the very low cloud base.

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