Expat Club & Families

Your social life as an expat does not magically stop when you become a parent. On the contrary, you will be looking for fun and interesting things to do with your children, while meeting new friends and other open-minded international people. That is why Expat Club will offer increasingly more services and events that are meant for expat families.


For many of our events it is possible to bring your child(ren). In fact, we have already welcomed dozens of kids during our local outings and daytrips, such as the Audi Brussels Factory Tour, several museum visits and trips to various cities or regions. What to think about kayaking with your family? Or to teach them about Belgium’s and Europe’s history during our battlefields tours? Or to have a day full of fun and excitement in an amusement park? Expat Club guarantees a great day out without worries. We are especially attentive to your needs and ensure a “parents-with-children-board-first” policy.

For every event it is indicated whether children are welcome, but in case you are not sure whether the event is right for your child, please just contact us by email, start a chat conversation or give us a call. We’d love to help you!