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  • Bootcamp – brewing in a microbrewery

  • BREWed Academy

    14 May 2022 at 14:10

    More than 1600 different beers, more than 250 brewers… in such a small country! And thanks to the age-old beer-brewing tradition and beer culture, Belgium is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Every Belgian is justifiably proud. No?

    Are you curious about the craft of brewing beer in a real brewery? Do you want to have a look into the craft of beer brewing and have some wonderful time in a microbrewery together with a bunch of friends?

    Good news! In late Spring (30 June till 2 July) we are organizing a beer brewing boot camp. The BREWbootcamp is intended to immerse those who know little about beer and brewing with a good dose of knowledge and a spicy practice.

    • … a CRASH COURSE of 3 days. You will be introduced to the THEORETICAL BASIC PRINCIPLES of beer brewing; you’ll learn the necessary LABO TECHNIQUES and you get to know other players in the brewing world; you get to work as an apprentice BREWER and you TASTE the local beers of the house.

    • … a guidance through the entire brewing process FROM MALT TO BEER.

    • …a day together during the DAILY OPERATIONS OF A MICROBREWER.

    • … getting to know lab materials in function of a MICROBIOLOGICAL RESEARCH. How do you use a microscope and learn to work aseptically to control the growth and contamination of yeasts & bacteria? Why, where and how often should you disinfect?

    … a valuable INTERACTION WITH MICROBREWERS who can take you into their story behind their current brewery.

    This year edition we are working together with a brewery in Oudenaarde. Interest ? Let us know!

    pictures of our former editions

  • BREWed Academy

    16 May 2022 at 08:49

    Our website address:

    Unfortunately today only in Dutch, but feel free to ask for info on



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