Group reservations

Nothing is better than spending a nice day out with a group of friends. But one of you has to plan the trip. One of you has to arrange the tickets and take care of all reservations. One of you has to drive. Wouldn’t it be better to have it all organised by Expat Club so everyone can just relax and fully enjoy the day?

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Expat Club organises numerous events and often welcomes smaller or larger groups of friends and colleagues. Whether you consist of a group of students, a smaller or a bigger family, or an entire organisational department, our events and trips can be organised in such a way that you experience a great day out without all the hassle.

Advantages of a group reservation with Expat Club:

  • Lower fees. Discounts start with 10% on the base trip fee for a group of 4 or more in the same reservation. If you travel with 10 people or more you get 15% discount and you travel for free yourself.
  • Pre-reserved seats. Of course you would like to sit together as a group. Therefore we will make sure that we hold certain seats for you in the bus.
  • No parking fees & problems. Finding free parking spots can be a real challenge at some destinations. Not with Expat Club as we always arrange a special bus parking. This way you also always stay together as a group and won’t lose each other on the parking or during the trip itself if you have to drive with multiple cars. Needless to say that speeding tickets, even if it is just for 2km over the speed limit (+/- €50) are a thing of the past.
  • Priority boarding. To ensure that you actually all sit in your pre-reserved seats, larger groups are always boarding our coaches first.
  • No cues. Nobody likes to wait in line, so that’s why Expat Club virtually always arranges special group or VIP entrance at the various destinations, such as museums, wine cellars or parks.
  • Pre-booked tables. Finding enough tables in a restaurant can be a real hassle when you are with a group. For most trips Expat Club arranges seats in nice and affordable restaurants. So your group will be part of the entire group, but of course you will all sit together or have separate tables.
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Needless to say that we do everything we can to provide you and your friends, family or colleagues with a wonderful day out. If you have specific questions, wishes or concerns, just get in touch with us as at (we answer quickly) or by phone at 02 669 82 09.

How to register?
If you would like to book for a group, please contact us first at (we answer quickly) or by phone at 02 669 82 09. We will then prepare a unique discount code for you that you can use during the checkout process or we send you an invoice that you can pay bank transfer. Eventual additional persons can simply book online with the discount code. For companies and organisations we of course provide an official VAT-invoice.