How to Book?

Making a booking for one of our paid events or trips is an easy and quick process. The below instructions guide you through the various steps of the booking procedure. It seems long, but it is very logical and intuitive. Just give it a try. And of course we’re always ready to help you if you need any assistance (

"BOOK ONLINE" Button (order now e-booking check in web internet)

  1. Select from one of the events on our event calendar on the home page, or by selecting “Calendar” >> “Upcoming Events” in the main bar.
  2. Review the event page and click on “Book now”
  3. If applicable, please answer the displayed questions (For instance “Would you like to join for lunch?”, “Would you like to join the canal cruise?” or “At what station would you like to board the train?”)
  4. Indicate the number of tickets you would like to book for the trip
  5. Click “Add to cart”
  6. Review your cart, eventually adapt the number of tickets or add a child ticket, and then click on “Proceed to checkout”
  7. Complete all your billing details
  8. Complete the details for other persons travelling with you, if applicable
  9. Select your preferred method of payment
  10. Follow the payment instructions
  11. Read & accept the terms and conditions
  12. Click on the “Place order” button (if applicable “Proceed to PayPal”)
  13. Follow the payment instructions

In case you book for several people, please note that the answer to the additional displayed questions (step 3), will be valid for all persons in your party. If your friend(s) would like another option, such as a different main dish for lunch or board at a different station, please leave a note on the checkout page.

Sometimes the additional questions propose to join for lunch or another “add-on” programme point, such as a guided tour or a museum visit. The additional fee will be immediately added to your cart, unless otherwise indicated. In that case you may have to pay the additional fee during the day.

Adding a child ticket to the cart
Expat Club offers the opportunity for families with children to join many of our events and trips (click here for more information). For every event, please make sure that we actually offer child tickets. This will be clearly indicated in the event information panel. If child tickets are offered, go to the event page and go through the above procedure until you reach the cart page. On the lower left side you will find the child ticket option. Add a ticket to the cart and eventually adjust the number of tickets if you travel with more than one child.

Please note that depending on the form of payment, an additional service and transfer fee will be added to the total amount. Sofortüberweisung is the standard payment gateway and is for free. For all information about payments, click here.

Ordering tickets for multiple events
If you would like to book for several events at the same time, first add the tickets for event A in your cart and if applicable answer the displayed questions. Then return to the homepage or events calendar, or press on the “continue shopping button” and select the other event you would like to join. After adding tickets for event B you can “Proceed to checkout” and continue the booking process.