How to book?

How to book your ticket?

Reserving a spot for one of our events or trips is easy and intuitive. If it concerns a paid tickets you can rest assured that we work with encrypted technology and world-class payment systems (Mollie & Multisafepay). We would like to remind you that it is not required to be a member to join our events or trips. We understand that you may not like having an online presence, but you are just as welcome as anyone else.

 There are three different types of reservations:

  • RSVP for free or self-paid events
  • Paid tickets for events or trips
  • Pre-reservations for trips 
RSVP for free or self-paid events

For events that requires just a simple RSVP from your side, such as for our coffee morning or a movie night, you can simply click on the RSVP button if you are logged-in as a member. And if you are not a member (yet), you can either register first and then click the RSVP button or you can leave your name and email address and click on the RSVP button.

Paid tickets for events or trips

Many of our local events and all of our trips, whether a day trip or a long weekend trip, require purchasing a ticket beforehand. Most of the time you simply go to the event or trip page, add a ticket to the cart, check your cart, continue to the checkout page and select your preferred payment method (Bancontact, MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express and in some cases also regular bank transfers). 

For many trips we need a bit more information from you to ensure we can organise a perfect trip for you. For instance, we may want to know where you would like to get on the bus, whether you want to join for lunch, and for overnight trips we need to know what type of room you would like to reserve. In those cases you can indicate your preferences during the reservation process, and the ticket fee will automatically be adjusted.

Pre-reservation for trips

Expat Club is not your usual tour operator. We organise tailor-made trips for expats in Brussels. This means we do not reach out to the general public which assures you traveling with a truly like-minded group of people. To make sure there are enough people joining the trip and to arrange the appropriate hotel rooms and flights seats, we would love to hear from you before the trip opens up for actual paid reservations. Just RSVP as a member, or leave your name and email address, and possibly answer some additional questions about your preferences. Such pre-reservations area always for free and come without any obligation to actually join, but it will allow you to book first (many trips are fully booked) and give you an extra discount. 

Of course you can always contact us at if you require additional help making your reservation. We’re happy to help you. We advice you to always contact us when you have special requests or travel with a family on overnight trips.