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It’s not about the drinking and all about the experience

When you see a program called Champagne Day Trip, it’s easy to think it’s a drinking trip. Other trips in our calendar, in fact, could potentially share that same distinction.

Oktoberfest is often associated with heavy beer drinkers. Our Alsace trip has “Wine Route” in its title.

But one thing is clear for us at Expat Club: these trips are NOT about the drinking, but all about the experience.

The experience is always front and centre in every Expat Club trip and event.  

Here are some interesting facts about some of these trips and why you should consider them in your travel plans


Our happy guest on the 2019 edition of our trip to Oktoberfest

There’s no other event in the world that encompasses traditional Bavarian culture as much as Oktoberfest does. 

A big part of the experience is that litre-sized jug of beer (or “Maß”) you can see in every image about the biggest folk fest in the world.

But there’s a lot more to Oktoberfest. The giant beer tents are the festival are a great place to taste some traditional Bavarian cuisine. The music in the tents will provide some unparallel ambience.

Outside the tents, you’ll find more food stalls and souvenir shops, as well as plenty of carnival rides on the south side of the Wiesn. 

And everywhere you go, people who take their Oktoberfest fashion very, very seriously!

Alsace Wine Route & Colmar

The impossibly beautiful sights of Colmar, from our 2019 trip edition

The Alsace Wine Route provides the best spots to taste various types of wine, including the renowned Cremant d’Alsace variety.

What that also means is that the route will provide you with the most beautiful scenery you can possibly imagine. Rolling hills of lush green, vineyards lining across the road.

And speaking of something beautiful, the town of Colmar is a must-see destination when visiting the Alsace region. This idyllic village with half-timbered houses and flower-laden windowsills is just picture perfect.

Every corner is a beautiful photo moment waiting to happen!

And if you want an even more impressive photo op, you can’t beat the ones atop the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle.

This medieval castle is perched on the Vosges mountains in the Alsace region was abandoned in 1633, and then Kaiser Wilhelm II had it fully restored at the end of the 19th century. 

Such a magnificent reconstruction the castle attracts over half a million visitors every year! 


The cellar at De Castellane Champagne house from our April trip to Champagne – © Deborah Bernstein

Some people may have never heard of cremant d’Alsace, but there is no doubt they’ve heard of Champagne wine!

The Champagne region is the birthplace of the most famous wine in the entire world. Visiting the towns of Épernay, Reims, and Hautvillers is visiting the epicentres of this delicious wine’s production. 

When you spend a day in Champagne, you’ll learn more about how this wine is produced, the man behind this delicious blend of bubbly, and discover notorious champagne houses.

You will also discover stunning scenery and architecture in the towns you’ll visit.  

In Hautvillers, you’ll enjoy medieval architecture that contrasts with the sea of emerald that is the surrounding vineyards.

And in Reims where we visit two of Europe’s most amazing churches: the Basilica and the Cathedral.

Christmas Markets

The city of Monschau seems to have been built to host its Christmas Market. A snap from our 2018 trip

Glühwine is a staple of almost every Christmas Market you can visit in EuropeThat famous hot, spiced wine you find served on these markets is as ubiquitous as some of the other delicious warm treats on offer.

There’s so much to discover at Christmas markets than the food and drinks.

In Strasbourg, you get to experience what is probably the oldest Christmas market in the world. The city has put up a this Christmas spectacle since 1570 with a unique blench of French and German atmosphere.

And speaking of German atmosphere, there’s the Christmas market at Monschau. It’s such a beautiful display that the town almost seems to have been built for that purpose.

Also in Germany, you can combine centuries of history dating back to the Romans and perfect holiday cheer in Trier and its picturesque market.

Whisky Masterclass

A snap from our last Whisky Masterclass, facilitated by Richard van Nieuwenhoven

Now, this particular experience does include some active drinking, but not in the same way as you would in a bar or party.

This masterclass provides an opportunity to appreciate the craft and history of this drink. You will discover a variety of whiskies from Scotland, Ireland, and England.

During this event, you will experience the distinct flavours that are created by the various distilleries. 

So while you will be tasting these beverages and do so in a fun setting, you get to go beyond just a social gathering with drink and learn something new!

As you can see, our Expat Club activities are all about discovery.

You can be certain these trips and events are not wild frat parties (and we don’t want to attract those who seek these type of events). 

Yes, you can opt-out of the alcohol part of the program. And yes, you can partake in it should you wish to do so.

At Expat Club, we’re always striving to provide you with great experiences that help you create amazing lifetime memories.

How you create these memories is entirely up to you!

Let’s cheer to that!

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