Join our team

Join our team

Expat Club’s membership base and activities are expanding quickly. Therefore we are looking for enthusiastic new members that would like to strengthen the organisational team behind all our events and trips. In particular we are looking for committed people that would like to host:

a) regular coffee meetups on Saturday morning
b) socialiser events on weekday evenings
c) weekend morning walks or longer hikes in Brussels or Belgium
d) daytrips to various destinations in/around Belgium on weekend days and national holidays (paid)

The general organisation and administration of these events would still be in the hands of Expat Club, so you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty things. Just make sure to show up on time to welcome our (new) members, introduce people to each other, and help them have a great and memorable time. It’s a perfect way to do fun things and to get to know more people, see new places and do new things. Specific tasks include:

Events: preparing the meeting place (e.g. re-organising the room, putting leaflets and expat guides on the tables), welcoming and registering attendees, communicating with the bar/restaurant, cleaning up Expat Club related items, but especially making sure everybody (including the introvert people) are having a good time.

Trips: welcoming and registering attendees at that bus pick-up point or station, informing people on board about various things (day program, stops, using toilet, being on-time policy etc), serving drinks and snacks, handing out expat guides and other goodies, assisting bus driver with finding the route and parking, dealing with destinations (e.g. paying the guide or museum), explaining the audio-guide system and handing them out, ensuring the group follows the schedule and several other tasks. For the trips some preparation may be necessary, but of course we’ll make sure that you have everything that you need to run a fantastic day out of town.

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Who are we looking for?

  • You are an expat and have lived several years abroad, or you are a Belgian with an expat background and simply love the international experience.
  • You understand expat life, with all its positive sides as well as challenges.
  • You are an extrovert. You love meeting people, introducing them to each other and help them have a great and memorable time.
  • You have an open mind and a service oriented attitude. Expat Club welcomes all kinds of people from many different cultures, professional backgrounds and ages (generally 30+).
  • For all events, you speak (near) perfect English. For our trips, some Dutch would be handy to communicate with the bus driver, as well as French and German, depending on our destination.
  • For our trips, you enjoy guiding people around and taking care of the smallest details. Expat Club offers meticulously organised trips with well thought-out programs, so it would be up to you to ensure the trip evolves as planned.

Expat Club offers you the chance to quickly expand your personal and professional network in Brussels while doing fun things. And of course you can earn some money as well (depending on the activity) and benefit from some other perks. If you’re interested, please send us a short email to Tell us (very) briefly what events you’re interested in hosting. This is obviously not an application for a regular job so don’t spend too much time on it.