Our Transportation

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 21.10.18Expat Club partners only with Belgium’s top coach companies that adhere to the highest safety and environmental standards. These firms strictly comply with E.U. and national laws and stipulations for coaches and coach drivers (such as maximum driving times). For instance, for many of our long trips we organize our program in such a way that the driver has 9 hours of required rest before driving us back to Brussels (for working days lasting over 15 hours). And for really long and far trips we normally take an additional driver with us. This way we ensure you can get on board with full peace of mind.

4* coaches

Our daytrips are in principle carried out with modern 4-star luxury coaches. These are the top 10% coaches in Belgium. This is an official qualification that guarantees the highest degree of quality and comfort. In particular you enjoy significantly more leg space as well as a nice seat with arm- and foot rests that can also be reclined at least 35 degrees, including the seats on the last rows. Note, since 2015 this system is not used anymore, but we still rent buses that would qualify for 4*.

Screen-Shot-2014-04-04-at-22.40.14All coaches have air-conditioning, on-board toilet, seat belts, a DVD system with several flat-screen TVs, a fridge and/or bar, a personal folding table, and individual reading lights for every seat. Although there is a toilet on board, on most trips we stop at least once to stretch our legs, get a coffee and make use of the public restrooms (e.g. at a highway service station).

Bus Expat Club Rotterdam June 14-0983_800

Finally, to make the trip extra enjoyable we offer you complimentary drinks (water or juice) and snacks (e.g. candy bars, wafers, chocolates). In other words, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Note: the above pictures are examples of actual coaches we used in the past. The exterior and interior of future coaches may differ. It will always be in 4* configuration, unless it is explicitly indicated that we use a 3* or 2* coach for our trip (e.g. for very short trips close to Brussels).

open doors from a train

For some destinations it is easier to go by train. For instance, whenever we go to Antwerp, Dinant, or the Lesse river for kayaking, we arrange reserved seats in second class. Indeed, your train ticket is included in the price, unless otherwise indicated. Normally our journeys start at Midi Station, where we meet 15 minutes before departure on the right platform at the top of the escalator. This way it is easy for everybody to find the group and to take our seats (and ensure no other travellers take them so we keep a nice group atmosphere). However, whenever other Brussels’ stations are called at, you are more than welcome to join us there. For instance, for our kayaking trips the train stops at Centrale, Nord, Schuman and Luxembourg. In that case we send you a text message from Midi to let you know where we are on the train. Normally we try to sit all the way in the front, but in case this is different, it would make it easier for you to find the group. Of course we also jump off the train with clear logos to let you know where we are. Note: during our train trips we cannot offer you a complimentary drink or snack for logistics reasons.