Expat Club offers a free online membership program. Registration just takes a few minutes and is open for any adult expat living in Brussels or Belgium. It is also open for Belgians with an international mindset, as well as for people living abroad with strong ties to Brussels, e.g. business- and diplomatic people who frequently visit the city.

Becoming a member is not required to join our events, with some exceptions. You can always register for the paid events, such as our guided museum visits and the trips to the various destinations. However, membership gives you access to many benefits (and more to come):

✔︎ a €10 welcome bonus for one of our trips
✔︎ 1% discount on all multiple day trips
✔︎ 2% discount on all other online purchases
✔︎ invitations to an increasing number of members-only events
✔︎ contacting other members online
✔︎ making online friends
✔︎ uploading your event pictures
✔︎ posting your classifieds
✔︎ collecting points for trips (future feature)
✔︎ inviting friends & colleagues to collect points (future feature)

Registering as a member is free, quick and easy. Just visit and fill out your first and last name, as well as your email address. You also need to choose a password. To be sure that you are a real person, you have to solve the “Captcha” puzzle. The next and final step is to upload a clear picture of yourself. Your face should be clearly recognisable, so please no cat pictures, cartoons, you in a yoga pose on a beach or your face largely covered by huge dark sunglasses. We want to be an open and transparent community where we can look each other in the eyes 🙂