Mountain Tops & Valleys

Mountain Tops & Valleys

Switzerland Zermatt

Belgium’s highest point is 694 meters above sea level. It’s a beautiful environment, but it cannot be defined as a mountain yet. Luckily we have identified some amazing destinations all over Europe with some spectacular mountains, in France, Switzerland, Iceland, Germany and Norway, with several destinations still in the planning.

Vosges La Bresse


La Bresse – Hohneck in the Vosges Mountains in Eastern Frane is the perfect destination for a skiing weekend. Leaving Friday evening and returning Sunday evening, with two days of skiing.

Titlis Glacier Switzerland


One of our highlights on the Stunning Switzerland trip, Titlis towers 3000 meters above the Swiss landscape.

Switzerland Zermatt


It does not get any more Swiss than in Zermatt. Surrounded by some of the highest tops in the Alps, this car-free village is one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit.

Iceland volcano


Visiting Iceland without noticing the influence of volcanos is impossible. While leaving the airport you can see the immense lava fields and some smaller volcanos, but the big ones you will see during our South Coast and Golden Circle tours.

Lyngen Alps Tromsø


Norway is as mountainous as it is long. And all the way in the North you can find one of the coolest destinations on our calendar: Tromsø. Although not as high as the real Alps in the South, the Lyngen Alps a bit North of the city are most definitely spectacular.

Bavaria Neuschwanstein


At the foothills of the German Alps and against the backdrop of some pretty high Alps of 2000 meters lies the village of Schwangau, with its beautiful castle Hohenschwangau and the world-famous Neuschwanstein.