New Audio System

Expat Club is Brussels’ premier international community because we care about the quality of our events. For almost all museum or company visits and daytrips we hire professional and official tour guides. Our members have said time and time again that they appreciate learning more about the places we visit, instead of just walking through an exhibition or city on their own. In fact, such guided tours embody our philosophy that creating new relationships requires going through a shared experience. And what is better than to learn from an expert while having a good time with other international minds?

10390438_795138387187517_6924719869680916642_nHowever, we also regularly receive feedback that the guides were hard to understand due to the background noise. Walking behind and standing around one guide with 20 people obviously means that some won’t hear him or her so well. Therefore Expat Club has decided to invest in a state-of-the-art new digital tour guide system, which enables you to always listen to the guide, even when you are taking some pictures 50 meters down the road or talk to someone about a particular painting. Indeed this system works both inside and outside and even underground.

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