POLL – What are your Christmas plans? It's the end of the year and you surely have made some holiday plans. With only a few more days to go, we're curious to know how you will spend your Christmas days?

Edgar Hütte, 13 December 2017

Visit family in my home country
I have booked a flight to the sun
On my way to the Alps
Have a nice time in Brussels
Enjoying the snow? Snow in Brussels happens occasionally at best. Snow before Christmas is simply rare. What do you think about the winter weather?

Edgar Hütte, 12 December 2017

I have not been outside for 3 days
I try not to see it
I want to ski from Sablon to Grand Place
I am from Finland...
Winter starts on 21 December
POLL – What Christmas trip do you want to join? With less than 4 weeks to go, it's time to plan for your pre-Christmas warmup schedule. What Christmas trip are you mostly looking forward to this year?

Expat Club Gerulaityte, 27 November 2017

Dickens style Christmas in Canterbury
German style in picturesque Monschau
Mickey and Donald style in Disneyland
Roman style in 2000 year old Trier
Shopping style Christmas in Düsseldorf
POLL – How expensive is Brussels? Without taking your budget planner and calculator, we are sure you can tell us whether Brussels is cheaper, equally expensive or more expensive than your home town. Let us know where you're from in the comments and what is more or less expensive.

Expat Club Gerulaityte, 16 October 2017

Way cheaper than where I come from
Somewhat cheaper than where I come from
About the same as I where I come from
Somewhat more expensive than where I come from
Way more expensive than where I come from
POLL – What is the best thing about Brussels? Love it or hate it, but you live in Brussels! And now you must answer this question too... What do you like best about the Belgian / European capital?

Expat Club Gerulaityte, 4 October 2017

I love Brussels cultural life
The best location for travelling Europe!
Of course how international it is
The architecture
Crazy in love with Brussels weather!
POLL – What is your favourite Belgian meal? Belgium is known for its culinary tradition. Good food is key to a good life. With so many local dishes to choose from, we would like to know what is your favourite?

Edgar Hütte, 15 September 2017

Moules-frites definitely
Brussels sprouts for sure
Carbonade Flamande always
Vol-au-vent for me please
Anything with a big Belgian beer
POLL – How do you watch television? Times are changing fast. Many people do not have a television set in their homes anymore. Do you (still) watch TV here in Belgium as an expat?

Edgar Hütte, 29 August 2017

I have enough screen time in my office
I have Belgian cable TV at home
I have a satellite dish on my roof
My laptop with Youtube and online news channels is enough
Netflix baby!
POLL – What about Brussels public transportation? Being Europe's most traffic-congested city, Brussels simply requires a good public transportation system. But what is your opinion about the STIB / MIVB network?

Edgar Hütte, 14 August 2017

No idea because I never use it
I dread going into a tram or bus
Not good not bad
Overall it is pretty good
It is extremely well organised in Brussels
POLL – Do you follow the news in your home country? Are you an expat who fully disconnects from your home country's news, or do you still check out what is going on? Let us know how often you read national news sources.

Edgar Hütte, 6 August 2017

Several times per day
Once per day
Few times per week
Few times per month
Rarely or not
POLL – Do you like Brussels in August? Plenty of parking spots, empty buses and trams, but also many shops closed and few friends in town. How do you experience Brussels in the summer month of August?

Edgar Hütte, 31 July 2017

Dead boring
I would rather be on a Spanish beach
What do I care I have to work
I love the quietness
Totally love all summer festivities
POLL – Sirens in Brussels An association wants to discuss noise pollution by sirens in Brussels. Do you think emergency services activate their blue lights and sirens a bit too easily? Leave your comments!

Edgar Hütte, 12 July 2017

There is way too much sirens noise -
Yes especially the police -
Now that you mention I think so too -
It could be a bit less -
It does not bother me at all -
POLL: When are you leaving? We're all looking forward to the summer holidays. Made your plans, packed your bags, grabbed your passport. All done? No, you have to let us when you're leaving.

Edgar Hütte, 4 July 2017

Already at the beach
This Friday evening!!!
Another 2 weeks at the office
I am gone all of August
Totally forgot to book
What is your favourite beer? With so many beers it is hard to choose your favourite. But now you MUST. What beer do you want to drink right now? Comments are welcome :-)

Edgar Hütte, 12 June 2017

Leffe Blond
La Chouffe
What are your summer plans? The holidays are around the corner. It's just another 4-8 weeks until our annual summer leave. What are your plans? Vote now and leave a comment about your exact plans!

Edgar Hütte, 30 May 2017

I will relax in Brussels
I will visit my family back home
I will fly to the other end of the world
I am going for a European roadtrip
No holidays for me
POLL – Your Christmas plans With only 2 more days to go, also November is almost over and we're preparing ourselves for the final 31 days of the year. Expat Club already started its Christmas season 10 days ago, but we're curious how you will spend your actual Christmas days?

Edgar Hütte, 29 November 2016

Visit family
I booked my flight to the sun
On my way to the Alps
Have a nice time in Brussels
Not decided yet
Poll – Do you support the strikes? Today's strike is "against the policies of the Federal Government". The question for today's poll is simple: Do you support this strike?

Edgar Hütte, 29 September 2016

I fully support
I somewhat support
I neither support or oppose
I somewhat oppose
I fully oppose
Poll – What about the strikes? Tuesday 31 May, another national day of strikes. Prison guards haven't worked for a month. And train schedules are messed up for a week already. What is your opinion about these strikes? Do you support them or not? Let us know in the comments how they have affected you.

Edgar Hütte, 31 May 2016

I fully oppose the strikes
I somewhat oppose the strikes
I am indifferent to the strikes
I somewhat support the strike
I fully support the strikes
Poll – Your Easter Plans Easter is on our doorsteps. All of us get to spend an extra free Monday. However, all the shops are closed and the weather forecast for the upcoming weekend is comparable to mid November. What are your plans? VOTE NOW

Edgar Hütte, 21 March 2016

Catching up on sleep
Just a usual weekend
Listening to Bach for 3 days
Seeing something new in Brussels
Seeing something new in Belgium
Tenerife here I come