Canterbury Christmas Tales

Sat 8 Dec 2018 | 06:45 - 01:30
Basic ticket fee: €119,00

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Where would you like to board the bus? Please note that we will send out detailed information about the exact departure points. Upon our return we drop you at the same place, or any other place on the route (if traffic allows) + Merode + Montgomery + Woluwe Shopping.

Entry Canterbury Cathedral * 

Canterbury Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest and most beautiful cathedrals in the world, can only be seen and visited by buying an entrance ticket. It is fully encircles by walls and buildings and you cannot enter the precincts and the interior without a ticket. The operating costs for the cathedral are 18,000 GBP per day, and therefore the entrance fees are steep. Expat Club highly recommends visiting the Cathedral though, it’s spectacular. As of 30 November there are no more entry + tour tickets. You can only order a ticket for the cathedral entry.

Canterbury Tales * 

A visit to Canterbury is not complete without learning more about the Canterbury Tales by Geofrey Chaucer, one of the most important literary works. This interactive museum brings the tales to life. While walking from scene to scene in lovely stages, life-size puppets and dressed up characters will tell you the tales in a most entertaining way. It’s one of the city’s top attractions and we can certainly recommend going there. Reserving beforehand is required because on this busy Saturday Christmas afternoon it is normally fully booked!