The White Cliffs of Dover

Sat 6 Jul 2019 | 06:30 - 01:30
Basic ticket fee: €110,00

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Bus pick-up point * 

Due to the start of the Tour de France, it will not be possible to drive via our initially planned route (Schuman, Yser, Simonis, Basilique). We most certainly have to take a (long) D-Tour. The departure will be at least 15 minutes earlier. We will keep you posted when we know more.

Trip choice * 

For this day trip you can choose between a castles tour or hiking tour. There is no further surcharge for the hiking tour. You will be dropped at the White Cliffs of Dover visitor centre and have to walk to the town of Deal yourself. A visit to Walmer Castle is optional. During the castles tour you visit Dover Castle, including the wartime tunnels. A visit to Walmer castle is again optional, but highly recommended if you like castles. For the castles tour most people opt for the full package with Walmer Castle.