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Kiev & Chernobyl II

Sat 11 Apr | 10:00 - Tue 14 Apr | 16:30
Kiev, Ukraine
Basic ticket fee: €1 649,00

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Trip details * 

Thank you for your interest in the Chernobyl trip. You are about to make a reservation for a unique journey 34-years back into history. To ensure we got all the necessary details and preferences, please take a few minutes to go through the below information and following questions. If you have any questions during this reservation, simply call 0495-345144 (office hours), write an email to, or if available start a chat message.

The basic trip fee is based on 2 persons sharing a room. This can be a couple, 2 friends, or 2 solo travellers who want to share the room to avoid the single surcharge. A single surcharge will apply if you want to stay alone in the room. You can select your room below.

The following items are included in the trip fee:
– Economy class flight Brussels-Kiev
– One carry-on luggage + personal item
– Airport transfers
– 2 nights in the 4* Senator Hotel and Apartments at Maidan Square
– 2-days guided Chernobyl tour with private transportation
– Entrance fees Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
– Entrance fees Chernobyl power plant
– Unique guided tour in the Chernobyl power plant
– Guided tour in Pripyat
– Guided tour at Duga Radar Installation
– Mandatory health insurance Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
– Geiger teller, one per 5 persons
– 1 night in a local 4* hotel near Chernobyl
– 4 breakfasts
– 3 dinners (2x in Kiev, 1x Chernobyl)
– 2 lunches in/near Chernobyl

By registering for this trip you acknowledge that you are personally responsible for getting proper travel documents for entering Ukraine (passport + visa if required). If you are not sure you need them, please consult the Ukrainian Embassy in Brussels or your home country. You are also personally responsible for getting a proper travel and/or cancellation insurance for travelling to Kiev.

By registering for this trip you agree that you will provide Expat Club with a passport copy after making the reservation. We require this copy by end January, but we will inform you on how/when to deliver this (don’t send it now please). You agree that we forward this information to our local partners and that it will be shared with the Ukrainian authorities, as well as the management and security of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and Power Plant. Expat Club will delete this information from all its systems after the trip.

By registering you agree that you will at all times follow the rules for visitors to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and follow the indications of our tour guide, security personal and employees of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. This is for your own safety of course. All requested information will be checked again upon entering the zone and you will have to sign certain documents before and during the tour.

Professional background * 

We visit the actual Chernobyl plant and see several parts, including a dismantled nuclear reactor and control room #2 or #3 comparable to control room #4, the room where so many wrong decisions were taken until that fateful moment. Expat Club tries to arrange a visit to control room #4 itself, but this is not always possible. To increase our chances, please write down where you work and what your official job title is. Our groups always consist of public (international) officials, managers in multinationals, NGO leaders, entrepreneurs, academics and others. Expat Club will compile a list and forward it to the Chernobyl plant’s management. Also, if you have a specific relevant educational background (e.g. nuclear physics, physics, biology), please mention that. We have to make a case for ourselves!

Passport details * 

Please write your official name as it is shown in your passport (not your ID-card!). Please do NOT yet send us any other information. We need this information for every passenger who travels with you. If you are booking for a friend, you can also provide us this shortly after making the reservation.

Checked luggage * 

We are staying 4 nights in Ukraine, so maybe you would like to check-in a bag or suitcase. You can bring one carry-on hand luggage of 7kg with you, as well as one personal item that fits under the chair in front of you. If you would like to add a checked luggage of 23kg, this costs €60 per return.

Hotelroom preference * 

We are staying in the 4* Senator Hotel & Apartments in the centre of Kiev, and a local 4* hotel in Chernobyl. Please note that we cannot guarantee your bed preference in Chernobyl if you stay in a single or double room. This mean that if you order a single room or a double room, we will try to get you one large bed, but it may be that you get a twin room (for yourself, or for you and your partner). If you travel alone, you can opt for a single room or to share a room with another lady (no male sharing rooms). We do guarantee that those opting for a twin room will get a twin room with two separate beds. Please choose your room now.

Dietary restrictions * 

It is important to know well before arrival whether you have any dietary requirements. The food in the Exclusion Zone and the power plant is basic, but the tour company will do its best to get you the best possible meals. Please write below if you are for instance vegetarian, or do not eat fish / chicken, vegan, gluten or dairy intolerant etc. There are obviously very few choices and a lack of shops, bars and restaurants, so knowing this beforehand is important. JUST WRITE “NOTHING” IF YOU EAT ANYTHING

Payment preference * 

For this trip you can pay everything upfront, or you can pay in 2 instalments: €700 per person within 2 days and the rest by 15 March. For payment in 2 instalments you should select the bank transfer payment method on the checkout page (no instalments for card payments). The Expat Club bank account details can be found in the confirmation email.


Is there anything we should know to make your trip more comfortable? You can write any comment here that you have about the trip.