Rotterdam Harbour & City

Sat 15 Oct 2022 | 07:30 - 23:30
Willemsplein 1
Basic ticket fee: €139,95

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Official name * 

During the harbour tour we have the unique opportunity to enter an actual cargo terminal, either a huge container terminal or a huge dry bulk terminal. We can guarantee this is super fascinating. Since both terminals are under extreme high security, we can only enter if we have the official names of every passenger on board. This must be the name as it is shown in your passport or travel document. Please write it with the last name in CAPITAL, such as John SMITH, or Gabriela Henriette MARQUES SANTOS. If you don’t have the name of other people on this reservation, please send them later to

Dinner at Hotel New York * 

At the end of the day we have reserved tables in the restaurant of the fabulous Hotel New York. This is inside the iconic hotel where the atmosphere inside is just amazing. Joining us for dinner costs €49,50 (3 courses, including 1 drink and coffee/tea). The next question is about your menu choice, but now we’d love to know if you want to join us.

Dinner choice * 

If you opted to join us for dinner in the previous question, please now select 1 appetiser, 1 main dish and 1 desert. So you must make three choices. If you don’t want to join, select the option “I would not like to join” and don’t select any dishes.