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Kayaking @ Lesse River

Sun 6 Sep | 09:00 - 20:00
Anseremme, Belgium
Basic ticket fee: €59,50 now €52,50

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Train boarding station * 

Where would you like to board the train? The exact train times are mentioned on the trip information page, but we will also send you the times by email a few days before. You can always change your departure point.

Kayak choice * 

What kind of kayak would you like to have? Each kayak has comfort seats (better for your back) and ultra-light paddles. Prices are per person, so also if you choose a duo kayak. If you travel alone you can opt for a mono kayak, or you can share a duo kayak with another participant. We will introduce you to everyone else in the group who travels alone and would like to share. This way you won’t have to worry about finding a kayaking partner. If you travel with a friend or your partner, you can of course choose 2 mono kayaks or a duo kayak (add 2 tickets to the cart). Your preference will always be guaranteed, but maybe you are fine with either a single or a double kayak. In that case, please indicate this in the next question, so we could ask you to change to another kayak type if necessary (primarily in case we need an extra person to take a mono or one person to switch to a duo kayak).


Is there anything we should know to make your trip more comfortable? If you are fine with either a single or duo, please let us know here.