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Mont Saint-Michel & Normandy

Fri 18 Sep | 17:30 - Sun 20 Sep | 22:30
Mont Saint Michel, France
Basic ticket fee: €499,00
Mont Saint-Michel

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Trip details * 

The trip price per person is indicated above and based on 2 people sharing a room, either as a couple, a parent and child, as 2 friends travelling together, or as a solo traveller sharing a room with another solo traveller. If you travel alone and would like a single room there will be a surcharge. For those travelling alone who want to share a room, there is no surcharge.

This basic trip fee includes the following:
– Transportation by 4* luxury coach
– One large suitcase per person
– 1 night in a 3* hotel Caen
– 1 night in a 3* or 4* hotel Mont Saint-Michel
– Transfer to Saint-Malo
– Transfer to Mont Saint-Michel
– Shuttle bus to Mont Saint-Michel
– Entrance fees for Mont Saint-Michel
– Guided tour at Mont Saint-Michel
– Dinner in Mont Saint-Michel
– Witness tidal wave and high tide
– Visits to Deauville and Honfleur (super villages)
– A great group of international people
– A lifetime memory

If you have any questions during this reservation process, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. You can also start a chat message as we may be able to help you instantly. Families are requested to contact us beforehand to make sure that we can arrange the right rooms for you.

It is allowed to travel to Lower Normandy and Brittany by bus, and of course we comply with the various corona rules. We will inform participants of this trip before departure.

Bus pick-up points * 

Where would you like us to pick you up for this trip? You can always change your boarding point by contact us. A few days before departure we will send you more information about the boarding points, including maps and descriptions.

Hotel room choice * 

Now it’s time to choose the type of your hotel room. We offer 1 hotel in Caen on the first night, and 2 hotels on the second night. Surcharges below are per person.

The basic trip price includes a stay in 3* Brit Hotel in Caen on Friday evening (same hotel everyone). It also includes a stay in the good 3* Hotel Gabriel near Mont Saint-Michell on Saturday evening. However, please note that we do not any single rooms there anymore. As an alternative you can opt for a single room in a good 2* hotel (perfectly fine too) at a stone’s throw from the other hotels. This new hotel was added as of 8 September 17h00 since we do not have single rooms anymore Therefore we only offer the hotel rooms as indicated below.

Each hotel offer clean, safe and comfortable rooms, including a private bathroom. Breakfast is included.

For the second night you can optionally choose to stay in the 4* Mercure near Mont Saint-Michel (surcharge applies). Breakfast is included. Below you can indicate in which hotel you would like to stay on the second night. We are currently out of single rooms for the 3* hotel at Mont Saint-Michel, we do still have single rooms in the 4* Mercure hotel.

You must also choose the room you would like to stay in. If you travel alone, you can either opt for a single room (surcharge applies), or you can opt for sharing a room with another traveler to avoid the single surcharge (only one male shared room available). If you travel with your partner or with your child, you can choose a double room (you must book 2 tickets, double beds may be replaced with twin beds). If you travel with a friend, you can book a twin room with two single beds.

Please choose now your preferred hotel and room type for the second night. The roomtype will be the same for the first night. NOTE: we have limited rooms in each category, so don’t delay your reservation.

Dinner Mont-Saint Michel * 

At Mont Saint-Michel we spend a great part of the afternoon and the entire evening. After the flood wave arrives in the early evening we go to a nice restaurant in the upper part of the Mont Saint-Michel village. We always go here for good food, a nice atmosphere and great views over the bay. We will have a 3-course dinner (Salade Normande, Demi-Coquelet + pommes frites, Tarte Normande OR the famous vegetarian Omelet Poullard), including a glass of wine, a glass of still or bubbly mineral water, as well as a coffee or tea. Dinner is included in the trip fee (last year we charged people for this). If you do not want to join, please contact us before hand (note that several restaurants are closed).


Is there anything we should know to make this trip more convenient for you? You can also mention the name (+ possibly email address) of your fellow traveller if you come with a partner or friend.