Champagne Daytrip

Sat 9 Jul 2022 | 06:45 - 23:30
Basic ticket fee: €179,00

Thank you for your interest in the Champagne trip. Please answer the questions below and add a ticket to the cart. If you travel with multiple people, you can add multiple tickets to the cart if your answers are the same. If not, add a first ticket to the cart and click on the Add another ticket to the cart and restart the process. At the moment we can only offer you a tour at De Castellane Champagne.

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You can join the bus at any of these points. If you would like to change your preference after your booking, just contact us so we can make sure to pick you up at the right place

We are going to have a nice 2-course lunch in a good restaurant in Épernay, not far from the Champagne houses we visit. It includes a main course (Pavé de Saumon Sauce Teriyaki OR Pavé de Veau Sauce Morille OR Vegetarian Lasagne), a dessert, one drink (wine/beer/soft) and a coffee or tea. Please select your menu choice below.

Is there anything we should know to make your trip more comfortable? If you are booking for 2 or more people, please mention the names and optionally their email addresses here.