Milano, Verona, Opera, Garda & Bergamo

Thu 25 Aug 2022 | 08:00 - Sun 28 Aug 2022 | 20:30
Basic ticket fee: €
Verona Arena

Thank you for your interest in the brand-new spectacular opera trip to Verona in Northern Italy. Please answer the below questions first. The below fees are per person. If you travel with 2 persons or more, and you have exactly the same answers, you can simply add the number of tickets to the cart. In case you have different answers, first add 1 ticket to the cart, and then click on the button “add another ticket” to come back to this page.

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I would like to make a reservation for the Verona trip and have taken note of everything that it includes. Payment can only be made by Bancontact or regular bank transfer.

We are traveling as a group and have assigned seats as a group. As Expat Club we will try to honor your seat preference on a first come first serve basis. Good thing is that you always sit next to another person from our group :-)

We need your personal details for the flights. Please provide for every passenger the following: a) First name as in passport, b) Last name as in passport in capital. For instance, John SMITH, or Rebecca Paolo SANCHEZ MORENO. Mixing up first and last names is a major cause for last minute costly changes to your ticket, so please fill it out correctly. If one of the passengers is younger than 16 years, please indicate this clearly.

We are staying 3 nights in two different 4-star hotels; 1 night in Milano and 2 nights in Verona. The rooms have all that you can expected from good 4-star hotels. You can select below the room type you would like to book. If you travel alone, you can opt for a single room, or you can opt for sharing a room with another person (only male or female rooms). In the former case there will be a surcharge. In the latter case we do not assign you a room, but we will introduce you to the other participants who also travel alone at the beginning of the trip. You can mutually agree to share a room. The double rooms can only be booked by couples or adult/child, so you must book 2 tickets. For triple or quadruple/family rooms, please contact us at

We cannot share the exact menus yet, but we would like to know whether we should order a vegetarian meal for you. The normal meal includes meat (beef, pork) or fish.

Is there anything we should know to make your trip make comfortable? If you have special wishes, please write them here.