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Expat Club is a large international community in Brussels and from 27 to 29 September we travel to Munich for the Oktoberfest. Due to the relatively small size of our group this year we still have tickets left for the beer tent (on different table). On Saturday 28 September we have seats left in the Armbrustschützenzelt from 15h00 until 18h00, Mittelschiff, box 09-10. Very nice seats. If you want to join our group, you can order your ticket(s) here. Please do NOT share this link with people you don’t know because we’re not in the business of reselling tickets. But if we can make you and your friends happy, you can order 1 or more tickets here. Included is €15 of meal vouchers and 2 large drinks (that’s the formula of this tent and we paid >€45 per person for this, including Brotzeitbrettl. So we are NOT making a profit on this. Our group is hosted by Wytze (Netherlands) and meets at 14h45 at W1 entrance of the tent (back side). Once booked, I will give you the phone number of Wytze. You can reach Edgar (Director Expat Club, also Dutch) in Brussels at +32 495 345 144 or send a message to info@expatclub.org. For more information about Expat Club, see www.expatclub.org.