Here is a selection of what people are saying about our events & trips (more can be found on our Meetup group):

“Fun and interesting people from so many places around the world; great way to spend an evening.” V. from France

“So well organised events. A great Host who takes good care of everyone and of every single detail. Great opportunities to meet interesting and fun people from all over the world!” – N. from Albania

superb” – L. from Spain

veeery well!” – U. from Italy

Great! I´m very satisfied with the number of various activities they organise.” – A. from Slovakia

“Great group :)!” – L. from Italy

Nice as always!…..Indeed. :)”K. from Poland

A great group to meet new people at different types of event.” – D. from the United Kingdom

Great activities and impeccable organization – Thanks!” – V. from France

Thank you for planning such a great tour of the Audi factory. My husband and I had a wonderful time and were so amazed by the robot technology. Please share our gratitude to the guides as well. Very knowledgeable folks.” B. from the United States of America

What a great day! A perfectly organised trip, great weather and very nice people. Thank you so much!” – B. from Germany

“Great!” – G. from Portugal

Spot on” – B. from United Kingdom

Interesting and original” – X. from the United Kingdom

What a wonderful day! We met lots of great people, truly enjoyed all the activities and spending the day with other expats. Fantastic organization, thank you!!! Can’t wait for the next one! :)” – B. from Argentina

I really loved it and I am looking forward to more!” – E. from France

I would like to echo the opinions of other participants. It was a perfectly organized trip, and together with the nice people that joined, it was a great day. I hope to see you in another trip!” O. from Spain

Pretty good, and organization, excellent as usual.” – L. from Mexico

I was impressed by the organisation.” – R. from France

My first [event] with Expat Club Brussels. Very interesting to meet people in a different kind of atmosphere. You discover something together. You meet people from all over the world. In this case, I could speak to someone from Mexico, Argentina, Germany, France, Spain, Greece… The drink and pizza afterwards were very good. Nobody was left alone.” – H. from Belgium

 “Always very nice” – E. from Italy

Loved it. Cannot wait to do more events!” – A. from Canada

Very interesting and fun! 😀” – G. from Indonesia

This was a great trip. It was well organized, the places were great, the people were very nice and I personally had a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to joining next time!” – A. from Romenia

 “Fun and interesting people from so many places around the world; great way to spend a day.” V. from France

Thanks for organizing amazing trip. Everything was great.” – K. from Poland

Congratulations … for the seamless organization. A great bunch of people too! Congratulations to all of us for our positive attitute: open-minded, flexible, smiling and willing to mingle with everyone and anyone. Looking forward to the next!” – D. from Italy

Thank you for organizing such a nice day trip! I really enjoyed the visits, the boat trip, the terraces (3!), the sun, and all the very nice and fun people I met! Thank you all!” – A. from France

Fabulous organization!! I had a great day with lots of fun things to do, nice food, interesting conversations… and even a bit of sun. It doesn’t get much better than that (in Belgium ;-p). I’ll definitely be back!” – N. from the US

We especially enjoyed chatting with the other members of the group. Will be recommending Expat Club Brussels to my friends! :)” – B. from the UK