Safe travel by bus

Traveling by bus is safe and comfortable. The bus sector has invested in many different measures, including transparent screens inside the bus, upgraded filter and ventilation systems and adapted procedures. Here are the seven most important ones.


 1. Masks are mandatory on board

Just like in public transportation wearing a mask is mandatory for all passengers of 13 years and older. You are expected to take one or more yourself, but we of course always take a few extra with us.


2. Near full bus capacity can be used
Except for the first row behind the driver all seats can be used in the bus. This way we keep 1,5 meters distance from the driver. Buses that we use have capacity from 40 to 78 persons. While boarding we ensure that groups and couples board first and that single passengers are as much spread out as possible.


 3. Cleaning of the bus 
All buses are cleaned extra carefully before every new trip. Hand pumps with disinfectant alcoholic gel are available at both doors. During the stops the driver cleans the common areas (railings and handles). The toilet can only be used in emergencies.


 4. Boarding is only possible through the backdoor 

This measure guarantees 1,5 meters distance to the driver.


 5. We maintain flexible order and cancellation terms 
Do you have doubts about your health? You can cancel your trip until 24 hours before departure for a refund. If you cancel afterwards and have a positive corona test you will also get a refund.


. 6. Health check
We ask everyone individually if he or she has any health complaints that may indicate a corona infection.

7. Ventilation in the bus

The modern ventilation systems in the buses that we drive with ensure a vertical downward air stream that passes the passengers. This ensure that breathed air is abducted at the floor level. The air is continuously refreshed and the entire bus can be refreshed within just a few minutes, which is faster than in an airplane. Advanced filters ensures that also very small particles, including viruses, are filtered out of the air.