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Top 11 things that can go wrong in Venice

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it's also one of the few that can bring about many holiday irritations. Here are some of those pesky little details that can spoil your Venice experience and how Expat Club takes that worry away!

Time is of the essence, so read this post

Have you ever boarded a flight on time and then had to wait passed the planned departure time due to unforeseen circumstances? Sometimes the flight needs to wait in the queue of takeoffs. Other times is a technical issue, which is probably the most nervewracking of them all! And then, there’s the missing passenger situation.  I’ve been on flights where you can almost feel the tension when a missing passenger finally makes it onto the plane. Shooting daggers is one way to describe the look of fellow passengers waiting onboard.  These late passengers can even have a justifiable reason beyond their control like their previous flight had a delay. And still, this can be and most of the times really is frustrating for those already waiting onboard. When you organize trips for large g...